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EF EnglishTown

EF English Town

In partnership with EasyExpat.com, we invite you to try EF Englishtown for only 1£, and discover the most flexible and effective method to learn English on your PC and Tablet! With EF EnglishTown you can learn English from your sofa abroad.

With 50 years’ experience, EF Englishtown has helped over 20 million people to communicate in English. This award-winning online method is used by the biggest companies such as HSBC, Nestle and L’Oreal. Englishtown offers you a mix of interactive study tools with the support of certified English teacher, so you can gain confidence rapidly.

How does it work?

EF Englishtown teaches you a blended learning experience of self-study lessons and teacher-led classes, all online and across 16 levels (from beginner to advanced)

1. Learn with the support of real teachers

EF Englishtown has 2000 native teachers around the globe. Carefully selected, and specially trained, the teachers are available 24/7 to support you on your learning journey. With collective and individual classes’ every 30min, you can practice English whenever you want, wherever you want.

2. Learn the English that you really need

EF Englishtown interactive lessons help you improve your “every day” English as well as your business English or help you prepare for the TOEIC/TOEFL exams. Using video, audio and text, this is where you build your vocabulary and grammar and gain the confidence you are looking for.

3. Get the results you deserve

You need credible results to prove your achievements. Every time you complete a level within EF Englishtown School, you'll receive a diploma certified by HULT International Business School (ranked in the top 100 best worldwide business school, Financial Times 2014)


To test the method during 30 days and get unlimited access to hundreds of hours of interactive exercises and teacher-led classes, please complete the form: