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Repatriation to Northern Mariana Islands is the "forgotten" phase of expatriation. Many expats don't expect to experience the same issues of culture shock and yet many do. The truth is, repatriation hits every individual in a different way and even members of the same family can have a vastly different reaction to the change.

Repatriation services can help make some of the most difficult issues of repatriation more manageable. This can include services regarding:

  • International shipping
  • Pet/auto moving
  • Mail forwarding
  • House/apartment search

Companies provide different levels of service and price points so compare our companies in Northern Mariana Islands to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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Partners list & description

Clearview Departure

When an assignment comes to an end, Clearview Relocation can help you with all the formalities of moving to Northern Mariana Islands: from cancelling your utilities and arranging mail forwarding, to notifying the landlord and even assisting with the return of the security deposit.

Sterling Departure Service

Sterling’s departure services programme assists employees with all the administrative processes involved in closing down their home in Northern Mariana Islands. This service can include terminating the lease, recovering the security deposit and de-registering with service providers in Northern Mariana Islands.

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