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Mail and Postal Services

Malta’s mail service is called Malta Post. Malta Post operates six days a week, Monday-Saturday.

In Malta, letters are addressed:

Mr. John A. Smith (recipient)
Flat 9, Pleasant Court (Address line 1)
Tower Road (Address Line 2)
Sliema (Village)
SLM 3111 (Postcode)
Malta (Country)

The return address is usually indicated on the back of the envelope.

Mail service

Post office, Sub Post Offices, Letterboxes, & Stamp Vendors

There are 34 Post Offices in Malta, one in each major village. Most are open from early in the morning (7:30 or 8:30 am) to mid-day (12:45pm). Post Offices provide all of the services offered by Malta Post.

There are 31 Sub Post Offices in Malta, where only postal and bill payment services are available. There are also hundreds of smaller stamp vendors on the islands.

You can post regular mail at the red Malta Post letterboxes, which are either freestanding or built into the exterior walls of a building.

You can search for your local letterbox, post office, sub post office, and stamp vendor here.


Maltese postcodes (also known as zip codes or postal codes) correspond to the name of the village and generally follow a three letter, four digit format. For example, postcodes for Sliema are SLM ####, while postcodes for Birkirkara are BRK ####. You can search for Maltese postcodes here.


Local letters can be posted for €0.20. All local mail posted before 7 pm Monday-Friday, and 3 pm on Saturday, is processed the same day and delivered the following working day.

International letters can be posted for €0.37-€0.86. International mail posted before 7 pm Monday-Friday, and 3 pm on Saturday, is mailed by air to most countries the next day.

You can find more pricing options here.

Bill Payments

All Malta Post Offices and Sub Post Offices accept bill payments for GO, ARMS, Melita, the VAT Department, TV Licenses, SKY Telecom, MCA bills, ECO tax, and MEPA. Find more information on post office bill payments here.

Telephone and Mobile Cards

You can also purchase telephone and mobile cards through Malta Post for Easyline, Hello, Sky Telecom, GO, Vodafone, Melita and Red Touch.

Most cards are available in pre-set denominations, and include a code that applies credit to your telephony account. This is a common way to top up landlines and mobile phones in Malta.

Phone cards are also available at other private vendors, such as convenience and electronic stores.

Money Orders & Transfers

Money orders can be sent within Malta and outside of Malta to Italy, France, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh for a commission fee of €1.16 to €4.66. More information can be found here.

At Malta Post you can also transfer money to over 200 countries through Western Union.

British Postal Orders are also available for a commission fee of €0.82 to €3.26.

Post and mail forwarding service

Send On Services

Malta Post’s new Send On services allow you to forward mail from the UK to Malta. This is particularly useful for online shopping, as many online retailers do not ship to Malta.

Read more about Malta Post’s Send On services here.

Similar forwarding services are also available through other private companies.

Post Offices Boxes

You can rent a Post Office (PO) Box at a Malta Post Office, Malta Post Head Office, or the Malta International Airport Departures Lounge. PO boxes are available on an annual basis for €46.59 to €163.06 per year.

Read more here.

Mail Forwarding

Malta Post can redirect your mail for €4.66 to another mailing address, or €23.29 to a PO box.

Find out more about mail forwarding through Malta Post here.

Services for Businesses

Malta Post also offers services for business, such as courier, payment collection, bulk posting, posting of leaflets and promotions, and management services.

Find more information on Malta Post’s web site.

By Jess Gerrow, who traded city life in Canada for island life in the Mediterranean two years ago. She is a postgraduate marketing student, blogger, and freelance writer.