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Expat-Quotes offers current information on events in South Africa and expat matters. These can help you stay informed about your rights as an expat as well as news in South Africa.

South-africa in a nutshell:

Largest cityJohannesburg
LanguagesAfrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, English
Area (km2)1,221,037
Population (2011)50,586,757
GDP 2011 (billion USD)422.040
CurrencyRand (ZAR)
Time zoneGMT+2
Calling code27

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APRIL International

Are you a traveller or globetrotter looking for travel insurance? APRIL International will support you during your time in South Africa by providing international insurance solutions to meet your needs. (...)

April International

Designed for either short or long stays, APRIL International’s insurance policies offer protection against any problems that might arise before departure or during your time in South Africa: cancelling your trip, medical expenses following an illn (...)

AGS Storage

AGS worldwide network of 126 branches is one of the largest in the removals industry. Their storage capacity is 200,000 m2. AGS provides storage for household goods in secure warehouse facilities. (...)

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