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With Expat-Quotes being part of dotExpat, our network of expat websites offers a wide range of possibilities to contact expatriates worldwide. We offer the possibility to advertise with banners on the entire network: blogexpat.com, easyexpat.com, travel.easyexpat.com and, of course, expat-quotes.com.

Unique target

  • Focused target and increasing: Expatriates, futures expatriates and their family. There are 30-40 million expats living or working globally and that number is constantly expanding.
  • Specific Information on International and Cosmopolitan cities: Job, Immigration, Accommodation, Social, Healthcare, Finances, Entertainment, Forums, Blogs...

Get customer’s attention and build brand awareness

Large and qualified demand

Most of our audience is made up of people who already live abroad. The rest are, typically, moving to (or planning a move to) another country.

  • It’s an adult audience, with over two-thirds falling in the 25-54 age-group.
  • It’s an economically-active audience with high earners and wealth – over 50% earn more than 36,000 EUR.
  • It’s a LARGE audience, with over 1.6 million pageviews every month.

(source: Google Analytics/Ad Planner)

Different formats:

  • CPM Leaderboard 728x90 and Banner 300x250
  • Newsletters


Minimum order 800 EUR – International Transfer Only
Payment due in full in Advance.

Google AdSense partner

You are a customer of Google AdWords? You can advertise directly on our sites, using your Google AdWords account. Choose your campaign targeting by location, then choose the budget you want to allocate to your ads on one or more of our sites, based on the cost to the display or click.

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