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International Movers

International movers can make the big move an easy one. Along with services such as packing, shipping and delivery to Namibia, they offer insurance for your possessions and advice on navigating import and export laws.

As experts in the field of international moving, they can provide additional information on real estate market trends, cost of living in Namibia, health care options, and even school reviews.

Our expert partners provide free quotes for services whether you want to move by land, by air, by water, or any combination of the three. Different companies offer different packages and the ability to compare our companies helps you find the best mover to Namibia for you.

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Partners list & description


AGS worldwide network of 126 branches is one of the largest in the removals industry. They have been moving goods for people for the past 39 years. On average, they are involved in moving more than 40,000 families’ goods per year. They offer efficient removal solutions by air, sea or road.

Excess International Movers

Excess International Movers are worldwide removals specialists to more than 25,000 destinations in 300 countries. Last year, the company successfully completed more than 40,000 international removals - making it one of the most trusted, reliable international removals companies to move to Namibia.

1stMove International Removals

1st Move International Removals is a specialist overseas removals company for shipping your house, home, furniture and personal effects direct to Namibia from the UK. Fast weekly shipping and moving services to over 144 countries.

Clark and Rose

If you are moving to Namibia, Clark & Rose can offer a door-to-door international service. Wherever you are moving in the world, they can guide you every step of the way.

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