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School Choice is the world's leading school placement consultancy.

Since 1998 they have helped thousands of families around the world to find the right schools for their children.  They work with placements for individual families and with corporations who are relocating employees to Pakistan. They work to place gifted children, kids with special needs, or any child whose parents want to make sure he or she is in the right educational environment in Pakistan.

Whether you are moving to a new town or to Pakistan, or staying put but looking for the right school environment for your child, School Choice can help.

  • Strong relationships with schools…all over the world. Schools will contact us if they have vacancies.
  • Choice of schools based on the ‘goodness of fit’ between the children, family and the school. In some cases the choice will be the most selective, in other cases it could be the most progressive, in other cases it is schools that offer specific programs and services.
  • Work with school admissions processes (circumventing the admissions process or pulling strings ultimately is not in the best interest of the child).

All School Choice clients benefit from their ‘team” of educational experts, who are backed by a world of resources, expertise, research and quality control that individual educational consultants simply don’t have.

They are one of the preferred provider for most major relocation to Pakistan and outsourcing companies.

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School Choice International was honored for its outstanding performance at the Cartus Corp.’s 2011 Global Network Conference held October 10-12 in Denver, CO. Cartus Global Network is Cartus’ industry-leading worldwide service provider network. Each year, Cartus recognizes the companies and individuals in the Network who have provided extraordinary service to its international customers and clients.