William Russell


William Russell has been supporting expats around the world since 1992. They have grown over the last 29 years from a family-run business to a leading provider of international health, life and income protection insurance and have 75 staff and members in more than 160 countries around the world.

They believe in named advisers not impersonal call centres, and straight, honest communication rather than pages of small print. They are a boutique insurance provider, fully independent, and free from the demands of shareholders or investors.

Expat Insurance

Their health plans are designed for expats, with different levels of cover to suit your budget. they work with hospitals and doctors across the world to offer you the best possible service.

Over 40,000 hospitals in their worldwide network
Latest cancer care and treatments, including genome testing.
Cover for mental health consultations and treatment.
No-limitations for the treatment of COVID-19.

A range of insurance plans

With their plans, you’ll have access to private hospitals and clinics, with doctors who speak good English. You'll also have emergency medical assistance and the option to add on dentistry among other popular benefits.

Value plans Health insurance for people who simply want cover for serious conditions and major healthcare costs, around the world.
Comprehensive plans Medical insurance for people who want cover for a wider range of healthcare, including routine childbirth, mental health treatment, and chronic conditions.
Plans for Individuals Plans designed for professionals, remote workers, students, frequent travellers and people on work assignments.
Plans for Families Plans for families with children aged under 18, and those who want peace of mind when planning a family in the future.
Plans for Businesses Plans for start-ups and businesses with remote workers or expat employees.

If you have a global health plan from William Russell, you’re covered for the treatment of COVID-19 as you would be for any other viral infection. This is provided that the plan you have selected covers the treatment and you don’t have personal medical exclusions on your certificate of insurance that would apply.

Whilst international health insurance prices vary a lot, they are generally more expensive than local/domestic policies. But, local health insurance only gives you cover in a single country. The major benefit to an international policy is that you have cover in multiple countries as well as cover for emergency medical evacuation.

Getting an expat health insurance quote

They can only cover expats (i.e. people living and working abroad).

How much you pay depends on your circumstances. The most important factors when we calculate your insurance premium are your age and where you live. However, with William Russel, your claims history won’t affect your insurance premium, and they don’t take your credit score into account.

15% discount applied automatically to new health insurance quotes!

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