Finance - Singapore

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Fexco payment solutions

Fexco provides a secure international money transfer service online or by telephone with bank beating fx rates and low fees. Specialises in high-value transfers.

Margin Regul. Fee Mini Ccy Service
0.6% FCA £10 < £5K or Free > £5k £1K All Repatriation of funds, Property, Regular payments, High Value payments, spot, online, telephone.

The Bank For Expats® / BNP Paribas Personal Investors

The Bank for Expats® is the name of BNP Paribas Personal Investors dedicated range of investment management solutions for expatriates. It offers a multicurrency account + international credit card, a multi- language service, a multilingual website, online trading, and a full range of products to suit your needs abroad, offshore mortgages etc.

Bright!Tax US Tax

Bright!Tax is the premier online tax preparation firm for Americans living in Singapore. They guarantee that your taxes will be done right and with every consideration made on your behalf, employing every tax saving opportunity while remaining absolutely tax compliant.

Lloyds TSB International

Wherever in the world, Lloyds TSB International can help you on your journey with financial advantages, security & stability and easy international access to your money in Singapore.

HSBC Expat

Are you living and working in Singapore? Planning to move to Singapore? HSBC Expat provides international banking, currency and wealth management solutions.