Moving - United Kingdom

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Sterling Relocation

Sterling offers a wide range of integrated relocation services to make your mobility programme a success, including everything from language training to spousal support in the United Kingdom.

Earth Class Mail

This is a mail scanning service with US mailing address. You can get your mail and parcels sent to you wherever you are in the United Kingdom, whenever you want them, and you can decide what to forward to the United Kingdom and what to discard.

Sterling Departure Service

Sterling’s departure services programme assists employees with all the administrative processes involved in closing down their home in the United Kingdom. This service can include terminating the lease, recovering the security deposit and de-registering with service providers in the United Kingdom.

Excess International Movers

Excess International Movers are worldwide removals specialists to more than 25,000 destinations in 300 countries. Last year, the company successfully completed more than 40,000 international removals - making it one of the most trusted, reliable international removals companies to move to the United Kingdom.

Crown Storage Facilities

Crown provides short- and long-term storage services in the United Kingdom. Crown owns and operates over 180 state-of-the-art warehouses across 55 countries, featuring climate-controls and modern security systems to protect against mold, mildew, pests, water and theft.