Expats’ Guide to Healthcare in Bahrain

Bahrain-G-Guide to Healthcare in Bahrain

Bahrain is rapidly evolving into the gulf region’s new expat paradise, offering professionals high salaries and a superior quality of life. The Bahraini government sees healthcare as integral to the Kingdom’s evolution into a service-oriented economy, and its medical facilities were recently named as 8th best in the world. The country now boasts highly skilled practitioners and comprehensive, modern medical facilities from which expats with appropriate health insurance can benefit.

Medical provisions in Bahrain

Expats generally choose private healthcare in Bahrain in order to have access to high standard medical facilities. In Bahrain it is the norm to visit a hospital even for a minor ailment or a general check-up. Several hospitals have 24 hour clinics, and most have specialist Paediatric departments, which are useful for expats with children in Bahrain.

Many expats remain in Bahrain to give birth, rather than return 'home'. However, to do so it is vital you have a health insurance plan that covers childbirth and maternity in Bahrain before you fall pregnant.

Private hospitals used most often by expatriates are Awali Hospital, International Hospital of Bahrain, American Mission Hospital, the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital or Bahrain Specialist Hospital.

Some pharmacies are open 24 hours a day. If you go to a hospital to visit a GP, the hospital usually has its own pharmacy, making it easier for you to reclaim any medical expenses on your insurance. Often health insurance will be provided by a family’s main visa holder’s employer, so check which hospitals (and doctors within a hospital) are covered by your policy.

Information for people moving to Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain government require that you have health checks done in your country of origin prior to your arrival to Bahrain, and your employer is required to pay for these checks. These checks are required for your CPR (Central Population Registration) Card to be issued. You need this card to start your life in Bahrain, for example to open a bank account, sign up for a mobile etc.

Depending on the address on your CPR card, you will be assigned a specific health centre in Bahrain. You should then contact the health centre to make an appointment for a general check-up, which will be less extensive than the first.

Medical cover for Bahrain

To ensure you have access to the best medical attention and can receive treatment at the hospital of your choice, you will need an international health insurance plan. This is superior to a local health plan in Bahrain because it also offers protection when you travel outside of the kingdom, allowing you to be treated outside the country if your condition is serious and you would rather be treated at home.

Your employer may provide you with health cover for the country, but you should ensure it is compliant with Bahrain’s health insurance requirements and comprehensive enough for your individual needs. Does it provide cover for your dependents? Does it cover dental treatment?

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