International Schools in Barbados

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You will find below a list of the most popular international and bilingual schools for expats in Barbados with fee information. It includes nursery schools, primary and secondary (high) schools and you will find the right school to prepare for International Baccalaureate, and other diploma in Barbados. Schools usually follow the UK model with instruction in English.

Education in Barbados

Education in Barbados is based on the British model. It is free and compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16. There are three terms from the second week of September until mid-December (with a mid-term break in October), first week of January until the end of March, and mid-April til the end of June.  

There aree 6 years of primary school beginning at age 4. At age 11, the children write their common entrance examination to qualify for secondary school. Secondary school is compulsary til age 16, with schooling available until 18 to take the caribbean examination council examinations (similar to o-levels).  

International Schools

International schools are the best place for an expat student in Barbados. Instruction is in English and schools usually follow a curriculum model from the UK.

There may be some local population, but the schools are geared for an international student body. Many schools provide similar standards of schooling around the globe, providing for an easy transition between schools whether they are in France or Vietnam. Schools often provide internationally accepted accreditation such as the international baccalaureate.

Admission and enrollment procedures vary from school to school. Space is often limited and preference may be given to students based on nationality. Tuition tends to be expensive based on local standards, but offers high standards of learning, boast smaller class sizes, first-rate facilities, and extracurricular. Boarding facilities are available at some schools, but most only provide day classes.


  • The CoIS (Council of International Schools) is a non-profit association of international schools and post-secondary institutions which provides educational accreditation, teacher and leadership recruitment services, links to higher education, governance assistance and help with founding new schools. 
  • European Council of International Schools (ECIS) accredits schools offering a standard acceptable in Europe.

International Schools in Christ Church

Wills Primary School
Address: Elcourt House, Maxwell, Christ Church
Tel: (246) 418 9833
Tuition Rates: $1,980 - 2,730 per term

A private institution split into elementary and secondary school, instruction is in English and curriculum is based on local standards. There are after-school programs. Uniforms are required.

International Schools in Navy Gardens

Dottins Academy (DA)
Address: Navy Gardens-Christ Church
Tuition Rates: $2,284 - 4,100 per term

Dottins is a secondary school for boys. Students are prepared for certification in the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) examinations. Uniforms are required.

International Schools in St. George

Providence Elementary School
Address: Francia Plantation, St. George, Barbados  
Tel: 246-429-4120
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

Split into elementary and secondary school, instruction is in English and curriculum is based on local standards. There are after-school programs. Uniforms are required.

International Schools in St. John

Codrington School
Address: St. John BB20008 Barbados
Tel: 246 4232570
Tuition Rates: BBD $7,630 - 44,000 per year (discounts for local students)

Opened in 1917, the school actually shut for a period and was re-opened in 2002. It has an excellent reputation with a liberal, progressive curriculum and international children studying here and attending university around the world. The academic year runs from September to July and it is an IB World School, authorized to offer the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Diploma Programme (DP). Instruction is in English with additional Spanish classes from age seven. In the upper levels children may opt to do both French or Spanish. There are a range of extracurriculars including art club, chess, choir, cricket, drama, fencing, music, karate, rugby, scuba diving, soccer, surfing, and tennis. All children through the age of thirteen have swimming lessons as part of the regular curriculum. The school is accredited with CoIS and ECIS.

International Schools in St. Michael

Lockerbie College The Cambridge International School Barbados
Address: Lockerbie House, Britton's Cross Road, Britton's Hill,
St. Michael Barbados BB14002
Tel: +246 434 3673
Tuition Rates: $14,500 USD  Per year of 3 terms

Lockerbie College, a private school in the suburbs of Bridgetown, is the only Cambridge International School in Barbados. They accept students ages 8 to 18 and in small classes, there is flexibility to offer customised and varied curricula (Barbados, US, UK, Canadian, IB). Focusing on the 'whole child' underpins everything, and close interaction supports students on accelerated pathways, mainstream and provides inclusion for the child with learning differences.

St. Winifred's School
Address: Pine Hill, St. Michael, Barbados BB 11112
Tel: (246) 426-3960
Tuition Rates: Inquire at the school

Opened since 1921, this international co-educational school has three divisions: primary (3 to 7 years), juniors (7 to 11 years), and seniors (11 – 17 years). They follow follow the Barbados Government schools curriculum and offer fully-equipped facilities and extra curriculars.

St. Gabriel's School

Address: Henry's Lane, Lower Collymore, St. Michael, Barbados BB11156
Tel: (246) - 436-6078 or (246) 426-6453
Tuition Rates: Inquire at the school

St. Gabriel's is a private, co-educational Anglican school consisting of a nursery (ages 3-4), infant department (ages 4-7), and a junior department (ages 7-11). The junior department meets the demands of the Barbados 11+ Secondary Schools' Entrance Examination, which takes place in the final year of primary school. There are extacurriculars and outdoor education. Children of any reigion may attend the school, but religious education forms part of the curriculum and the principles and practices of Christianity are upheld. Education is based on the Barbados Government schools curriculum.

St. Cyprian's Boy's School
Address: Brittons Cross Road, St. Michael, Barbados
Tel: (246) 426 4709
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

The school curriculum includes core classes of reading, language arts, math, science, etc. and includes electives like art, computer studies, French, Spanish, music, and Physical Education.  The program also offers extracurricular activities like choir and Taekwondo. The school also focuses on daily devotionals from both the New and Old Testaments.

Ursuline Convent
Address: C'more Rk, St. Michael
Tel: 436-0272
Tuition Rates: $2,284 - 4,100 per term

For over 110 years ago, Ursuline sisters have been educating girls and boys from 3 til 16 in Barbados. Known as "The Convent", the Ursuline Convent Schools include St. Angela's Infant and Junior Departments and St. Ursula's Senior Department. In the Infant Department, a modified Montessori Method of teaching is used. For the Junior Department, children care prepared for the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination (BSSEE – or Common Entrance) at age 11. Senior girls study for the Caribbean Examinations (CSEC).

International Schools in St. Peter

Alexandra School
Address: C'more Rk, St. Michael
Tel: 422-2265
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

A secondary school founded in 1894, students are prepared for the Caribbean Examinations Council Examination, as well as the Royal School of Music. Instruction is in English with compulsory courses in English Literature, Mathematics, Physical Education and swimming. Students may also learn Spanish and/or French, History, Geography, Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science, Food and Nutrition, Art and Craft, Clothing and Textiles, Music, Singing, Industrial Arts, Business Studies, Information Technology, Woodwork and Religious Knowledge.