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Pharmacies in Canada

Pharmaceuticals are issued at pharmacies across Canada. You will find hundreds of pharmacies in larger, urban centers, and at least one pharmacy in most small, rural communities.

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Healthcare in Canada

Healthcare in Canada is delivered through a tax funded healthcare system, which is free at point of use. This universal healthcare system, established in 1961, has long been a source of pride for Canadians, and is an incentive for many expats looking to relocate to Canada.

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Seeing a Doctor in Canada

In Canada the individual chooses a family physician, also known as a general practitioner or GP. The GP is your main point of contact with Canada’s healthcare system.

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Dental System in Canada

Dental care is not publicly funded in Canada. Most Canadians rely on private or employer-sponsored health insurance for dental coverage, or pay out of pocket. Each province in Canada has a local Dental Regulatory Authority that oversees the practice of dentistry.

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