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Wages and Benefits

Wages in Canada vary according to industry, qualifications, profession, and geographic area. In addition, even the minimum wages in Canada vary according to province and region.

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Foreign Credentials

You must have your qualifications accredited before working in a regulated industry in Canada. About 20% of jobs in Canada are regulated, including jobs in the health care, financial services, and legal sectors.

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Getting a job in Canada

There are two types of jobs in Canada: regulated and unregulated. Regulated jobs account for 20% of Canadian jobs, such as the health care, financial services, and legal sectors. Expats seek and find jobs in Canada in both permanent and temporary positions in both regulated and unregulated jobs.

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Jobs for Foreign Students

Jobs for students are most plentiful in March and April, before the commencement of the summer university break, and in September, when students return to school. Minimum wage in Canada is approximately $10/hour. As a student you can expect to make minimum wage, or slightly higher, at a retail or customer service job.

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Internships in Canada

Internships are a great way for expats to learn about Canadian workplace culture, understand Canadian hiring processes, network with prospective employees, and receive professional training. They are also a great way to gain work experience in Canada while working in your field of study.

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