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TV and Networks in Canada

Canada has two publicly funded TV networks: CBC Television (English) and Television de-Radio Canada (French). The largest national telecommunications companies in Canada offering TV services are Telus, Bell, Shaw, and Rogers.

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Fixed line telephone services are available from national companies Telus, Shaw, and Rogers, as well as several smaller providers. Mobile fees in Canada are expensive compared to Europe and Asia, and comparable with the United States.

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In Canada you can buy groceries and household goods at major grocery chains and independent grocers. In urban centers you may be able to purchase goods directly from the butcher, baker, etc. but in smaller urban centers, suburban, and rural communities, this is less common.

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Internet in Canada

Major Internet providers in Canada include Bell Internet, Bell Aliant, Telus, Shaw, Rogers, Eastlink, Sasktel, MTS, Colbanet, Videotron, Cogeco, and Teksavvy. Some Internet providers in Canada offer fibre optic services. Most offer DSL and IPTV services. Free Wi-Fi is available in many public places in Canada.

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