Immigrating to Canada: How to Find and Choose a Canadian Immigration Lawyer

How do you go about selecting an immigration lawyer? How to decide which one is best suited for your case? How does Canada approve immigration consultants or immigration lawyers? All of these questions are important; yet finding the right answers to them can be difficult. Here is what you need to know to make your immigration process as seamless as possible.

How to Find a Lawyer

Many people start by getting referred by friends or people in their community. "Which lawyer or law firm did you use?" or "Do you know someone from the community who can help me and my business in immigration"? Network with contacts already in the country, or ask for references on expat forums.

Some people simply use Google. There are many sites that connect visa seekers with immigration attorneys. However, while searching the web one must be vigilant for scams. Look for specific keywords such as:

  • lawyer’s spoken language
  • city where he/she practices
  • immigration category

Tips for Selecting your Lawyer

Choosing the right attorney can be tough. Look for an attorney that is established and has a good reputation. If a lawyer has been cited in city newspapers, official blogs, industry magazines, etc. it is a good sign of their competence. 


You should also consider if the lawyer has taught immigration courses and/or workshops to others. If the lawyer has lectured others, this usually means you are dealing with an expert. You can then assume that they are an experienced immigration lawyers, and worth contacting for a consultation.

Note if they have a specialty. Do they have a Preferred Area of Practice in Canada Immigration Law?  You want someone who not only keeps up with the latest developments, but also can handle potential legal and bureaucratic complications. Evaluate their connections to the community. If they are involved with your community  (i.e. Indian immigrants to Canada), they will be better prepared to make your case. Also consider if they are members of local business groups or associations. This can indicate the lawyer's influence and participation in the community and adds to the lawyer's credibility.

You should also consider Client testimonials, either on a website, forum or even on the lawyer's personal website (be wary of bogus testimonials as many websites only post the testimonials that work in favor of them). You can find information by researching their past cases or even by simply asking them!

A great professional, be it a lawyer, doctor, or even a salesperson is someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty. A trustworthy lawyer will often be willing to help you not only with your immigration process, but also with your integration into your new society. They may offer great local tips on where to look for jobs, which schools are best suited for your children and where to look for housing.

Examining these elements help you evaluate the many different lawyers available. Immigrating to another country is a major decision that can have short and long term costs and you need someone you can depend on.

By Hamza A. Corporate Stays