Relocation Services - Which Option is Best?

When relocating there are many options that need to be considered. Some of which relate to who does the packing. Will it be professional movers, friends and family or a mixture of the two? Can a hired company’s professional movers be trusted to perform the tasks responsibly? The same goes for any friends or family? How the move is to be done is another major element of relocation. Will a large van be required or a small car? How many boxes and what sizes will be needed? Will packing materials be plastic containers with lids or will cardboard boxes suffice?

When is the deadline for all contents of the residence or office removal required to be completed? Landlords and real estate agents may need the property in viewable condition for potential new tenants to view. In that case the property will need to be in viewable condition.  That would mean clean and orderly without packing materials lying around. Some landlords may charge a cleaning fee, or an extra few days or another month’s rent if the premises is not vacated in time. Not only can the added fees add to the overall cost of the move, inconveniencing previous landlords and owners won’t help future references. It’s not a great idea to spoil it at the end if you are after a great relationship with a property owner and a good record of paying on time.

Image and reputation is everything! That goes for anyone and everyone who is involved in the move whether it be for small removals, office removals or moving house. Check if the movers and the removal companies that they work for  have a good reputation. For those that choose not to use a formal moving company there is a cheaper option of attempting to encourage friends and family to get involved with relocating.

However keep in mind some of the down sides to using personal networks to get the job done. One of these is that whether the moving gets completed or not in the expected time frame, you can usually depend on their individual schedules and availability. Another complication is some may prefer to select exactly what tasks they are prepared to assist with. These could involve tasks that involve moving heavy furniture or sorting paperwork and taping up bulky metal filing cabinets.

Hence relocation service options can include a variety of elements. These can be options to be considered from who are the movers to how the items will be boxed and moved and when all moving needs to be completed. Keys and access will then need to be returned making further access to any forgotten items difficult. Therefore it is highly important to be organised, quick and efficient in order to get all items packed and moved safely into a new premises or/and storage areas in the time available.

As well as these options there are also the added considerations of whether All the house or office contents are required in the new residence. Do all items have to be close by or can some items be put in storage?

Initial options for relocation services can include:

  1. Which moving company to use, if any for the relocation
  2. When moving house, would it be easier to simply hire a moving van only or should a driver (who is an experienced mover) and van be hired?
  3. Which if any storage companies can be used.
  4. If items are to remain packed indefinitely, water/damp proof protection may be required. This could entail procuring and packing items in plastic containers as opposed to cardboard boxes.

Moving may seem a relatively simple process until all the elements for a successful move are accounted for. Hence a moving checklist with some of the above items listed can prove to be a welcoming addition when relocating.

By Ella A., a content writer and blogger for with great flair for home relocation and self-storage related project. She likes to share related tips and advice with her readers worldwide.