International Schools in Guatemala

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You will find below a list of the most popular international and bilingual schools for expats in Guatemala with fee information. It includes nursery schools, primary and secondary (high) schools and you will find the right school to prepare for International Baccalaureate, and other diploma in Guatemala. Some schools will follow the American or British curriculums with English speaking programs while others are regulated under the French education system.

Education in Guatemala

Education in Guatemala is free and compulsory for six years. Guatemala has a 3-tier system of education starting with primary school, followed by secondary school and tertiary education.

The system faces chronic problems with students not continuing their education. It is estimated that only about 30 percent of students who begin primary school complete this level of education. This is especially a problem for children in rural areas, and among the indigenous population. Gender inequality is also common with male literacy and school enrollment rates dominating female rates in all aspects.

International Schools

International schools can be the perfect solution for an expat student (multinational corporation executives, children of diplomats, NGO staff) in Guatemala. There may be some local population, but the schools are usually geared for an international student body. Schools follow a curriculum model from the US, UK, or France. Primary instruction may be any language (and multiple languages are usually taught), but it is usually in English, French, Spanish, German, or Japanese. Schools provide similar standards of schooling around the globe, providing for an easy transition between schools whether they are in France or Vietnam. Schools also provide internationally accepted accreditation such as the international baccalaureate.

Admission and enrollment procedures vary from school to school. Space is often limited and preference may be given to students based on nationality. Tuition tends to be expensive based on local standards, but offers high standards of learning, boast smaller class sizes, first-rate facilities, and extracurricular. Boarding facilities are available at some schools, but most only provide day classes.

Accreditation & Membership


Antigua International School
Address: Km 48.5 Carretera a Ciudad Vieja
El Cortijo de las Flores, La Antigua, Guatemala
Tel: 7831-5773
Tuition Rates: $470 - 715 per month

Internationally-minded school with admissions open for Kinder through 10th grade. AIS has all students study English and Spanish, with the goal of being fully bilingual by graduation. This means that native English speakers will have SSL (Spanish Second Language) lessons while their Spanish native speaking classmates are in their first language Spanish classes. Spanish will receive 25% of weekly academic time. The Spanish teachers use as their curriculum guide the University entrance requirements for the Universidad del Valle and other top universities in Guatemala (the teachers will also use the Spanish National Curriculum from Spain in designing the AIS native speakers curriculum for first language Spanish studies).

Guatemala City

American School of Guatemala (ASG)
Address: 11 calle 15-79, Zona 15 Vista Hermosa III
Guatemala, C.A.
Tel: (502) 23690791-95
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

The Colegio Americano de Guatemala (CAG) is bilingual (Spanish/English) and offers early childhood to high school classes. The core curriculum includes required studies in all the major academic subjects including Math, Science, Social Studies, English and Spanish Literature/Language Arts, and Physical Education. ASG is fully accredited by the NEACS and is recognized by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education as a Laboratory School.

Colegio Interamericano
Address: Boulevard La Montaña, Finca El Socorro, Zona 16
Guatemala City, 01016 Guatemala, Central América
Tel: 502 2200.2990
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

A pre-primary, elementary, middle school, and high school. A majority of students are Guatemalan, with a minority from around the world. The curriculum is bicultural & bilingual (Spanish/English). The school offers a variety of Advanced Placement and Honor Level Courses. Students obtain both the U.S. High School Diploma and the Guatemalan Bachillerato Diploma. These programs fulfill the requirements of the local Ministry of Education and AdvancED (SACS).

The American International School of Guatemala
Address: KM. 12.5 Carretera a El Salvador
Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala 01051
Tel: (502) 6644-1200
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

Also known as Colegio Maya, the school offers Advanced Placement (AP) exams in 11 different subject areas. The school follows American curriculum in English language and a Spanish program for native and non-native speakers. Colegio Maya is fully accredited by SACS as well as recognized by the Mineduc, the Guatemalan Ministry of Education.

Christian Academy of Guatemala (CAG)
Address: Finca Santa Barbara
Zona 8 de Mixco, San Cristobal, Guatemala
Tel: (502) 2245-9090
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

A Biblically based, non-profit, non-denominational, private school whose ministry is to the English speaking, missionary community of Guatemala. Students are K-12, and it is an ACSI member school.

Colegio Decroly American
Address: 11 Calle 6-47 Finca El Naranjo,
Zona 4. de Mixco, Guatemala
Tel: (502) 2380-2380
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

Accredited private school using U.S. curriculum and English and Spanish language. Includes grades 1 through 12.

Equity American School
Address: 15 Avenida A 21-00
Zona 13 Guatemala 01013
Tel: (502) 2390-6800
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

English language school providing US curriculum. It is accredited in the U.S. by AdvancED and NIPSA, and approved by the U.S. Department of State for overseas dependents.

SEK Guatemala International School
Address: Km. 16.5 Carretera a El Salvador
Cruce a Olmeca, Guatemala
Tel: (502)66469999
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

Offers bilingual (Spanish/English) education from pre-school to high school.

Panajachel Colegio Internacional
Address: Panajachel, Solola, 07010
Guatemala, CA
Tel: 7762-2843
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

An English language U.S. curriculum college preparatory school for grades 7-12.


Inter-American School (IAS)
Address: 0 Avenida 1-43 Zona 6
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, C.A
Tel: 011-502-7761-4080
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

The school is an English-immersion private school that provides the California State Standards curriculum for grades K-12. In addition to these standards, teachers also implement a Religion curriculum.

French school in Guatemala

Lycée français Jules-Verne Guatemala
Address: 1 Avenida 2-62 Zona1, Aldea Don Justo
Km. 18.5 a San Jose Pinula, 01062 FRAIJANES
Tel: (502) 6661 - 1800 - 04
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

This is an approved French language pre-kindergarten to graduation school. Curriculum is approved by the French Ministry of National Education and is subsidized by the AEFE.