Housing - Lebanon

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How to find your new home

Depending on your needs there are different types of housing and ways of finding them in Lebanon. Most expats either rent a villa in the mountainous areas around Beirut or find an apartment for rent inside Beirut. Lebanon is a small country and no matter from where you go, it will not be more than a two hour car ride to reach the capital of Beirut.

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Housing contracts and legal things

A Lebanese standard contract between a tenant and a landlord is valid for one year and renewable for three years. Normally the landlord will ask for the first payment to cover six months, but it is not unusual that the tenant and the landlord agree on something else, for example 3 months plus one month rent deposit fee.

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Veils or Bars? Choosing the area

Lebanon is not a big country but despite its lack of size, it is hosting 18 official religious sects. And each city, village and neighborhood has it's own religious as well as political dominance.

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Gas and Water

Normally, each house or apartment should have an electrical water heater installed. Make sure that your house has one and where the switch is located before you move in! Keep in mind that electricity is rather expensive, and usually it is enough if you put the water heater on for 4-5 hours per day (during summertime a bit less can be enough, and during wintertime you might need a little bit more).

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The Green Slip: Paying your electricity

Since there is not enough of it, electricity is a big issue in Lebanon. The real reasons to why and how to solve it are being debated on a daily basis, but Yes, of course, in the end it all comes down to politics…

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