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All about Healthcare in Malta

Malta has both private and public healthcare systems. Healthcare in Malta is of a very high standard and is ranked among the best in the world by the World Health Organization.

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Vets, Veterinary Pharmacies and Emergencies

You can visit a veterinarian in Malta for regular vaccinations and check ups. You must also visit a veterinarian in Malta to register and microchip your pet, both of which are required by Maltese law as of May 2012. More information about veterinarians, veterinary pharmacies, and veterinary emergencies in our article.

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Pharmacies and Medications

As in the rest of Europe, pharmacies in Malta are generally marked by a green pharmacy cross. There are over 200 pharmacies/chemists/dispensaries in Malta.

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Seeing a Doctor in Malta

There are many options available if you need to see a doctor in Malta, both during regular or after-hours. Information about hospitals, clinics and dentists in our article.

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