Telecom and Shopping - Malta

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Shopping in Malta

There are many one-stop grocery stores/supermarkets in Malta where all food items and some household items can be purchased. Some of the largest and most popular grocery stores include Pavi, Lidl, Smart, The Tower, Carrefour, Chain, and Marks and Spencer Food.

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Landline and Mobile phone

The country code for Malta is 356. To dial Malta internationally, you must dial 00 356 XXXX XXXX. Fixed line telephone services are available from local companies Melita and GO. Telephone services are available in post-paid or pre-paid options. Mobile phone services are available from local companies Melita, RedTouch, and GO, as well as international company Vodafone.

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TV and Internet in Malta

There are several local providers for TV & Internet services in Malta including Melita and GO.

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