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Guide to buying Spanish property

Whether you fancy sipping rioja on a breezy northern clifftop, or relaxing by the Med, promises of sunshine, friendly locals and a slower pace of life continue to draw expats to Spain. House prices have fallen by almost 40% since 2007 and good value properties are available all over the country.

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Renting in Spain

Now that you've settled on an area in Spain to live and perhaps even secured a job, the first order of business will be finding a place to call hogar dulce hogar, your home sweet home. Though the housing market in Spain is showing signs of stabilizing, many are wary to commit to buying any kind of property, instead opting to rent. This provides the security of knowing that no decision is final when it comes to living situation.

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Finding an area in Spain

Much of Spain’s coastal property is now owned by foreigners, and it’s not uncommon to see an Irish pub next to a centuries-old castle or currywurst on the menu at a Spanish establishment. Still, finding a home in Spain depends a lot on what you’re looking for, how much you’re willing to pay and a host of other factors that go into moving abroad.

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