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Grocery Shopping in Spain

During the times of Dictator Franco, large supermarkets didn't exist in Spain. Since the country was self-sufficient and did not allow imports, small, neighborhood stores provided patrons with everything they needed, making shopping an all-day odyssey. These sorts of shops still exist today, though most Spaniards choose to shop at supermarkets.

Getting connected: Internet in Spain

Ten years ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find a computer in Spanish homes. Locutorios, or cyber cafes, were positioned like Starbucks on every corner, and smartphones were non-existent. The times have certainly changed, as Spaniards are more wired than ever, and many businesses are taking their operations online.

Telephones in Spain

Spain's country code is +34 , and all local numbers begin with the number 9, followed by the area code. The market for landlines, called fijos, in Spain, is dominated by Telefónica, a now private company that was once owned by the Spanish government.

Mobile phones have become the de-facto form of communication in Spain, and coverage continues to grow. It's not uncommon to find 3G with the major providers, though not all companies offer 100% coverage throughout the country.

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