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Top Tips For Hiring A Car In Spain

Hiring a car can be tricky no matter where you are in the world, but one of the trickiest places to hire a car is Spain. In order to avoid unexpected costs, get out your paper and pens and take note of my top five tips so you don’t get stung when hiring a car in Spain.

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Tourism in Spain

Despite Spain's widespread economic problems, the tourism industry is thriving, catering to the 56.7 million tourists who arrive to the sunny shores of the Costa del Sol, the cosmopolitan metropolis of Barcelona and romantic Seville. In fact, Spain is often listed as a top tourist destination behind France, Italy, China and the United States, thanks to a highly developed tourism sector and world-class hotels.

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Getting Around in Spain

Each region of Spain offers its own unique form of transport, from the donkeys in Mijas to the romantic horse carriages of Seville. However you will find the explanation for the most standard ways: cars, taxis, buses, planes but also the popular bike share programs in some cities.

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