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Compare up to 6 international movers abroad

You no longer have to call different companies from all over the world to find the right mover to go abroad. You can now compare up to six quotes from highly qualified moving companies to compare price and quality. The quotes you receive are completely without any obligation.

AGS Storage

AGS worldwide network of 126 branches is one of the largest in the removals industry. Their storage capacity is 200,000 m2. AGS provides storage for household goods in secure warehouse facilities.


AGS worldwide network of 126 branches is one of the largest in the removals industry. They have been moving goods for people for the past 39 years. On average, they are involved in moving more than 40,000 families’ goods per year. They offer efficient removal solutions by air, sea or road.

Clearview Departure

When an assignment comes to an end, Clearview Relocation can help you with all the formalities of moving abroad: from cancelling your utilities and arranging mail forwarding, to notifying the landlord and even assisting with the return of the security deposit.

Sterling Departure Service

Sterling’s departure services programme assists employees with all the administrative processes involved in closing down their home abroad. This service can include terminating the lease, recovering the security deposit and de-registering with service providers abroad.

Earth Class Mail

This is a mail scanning service with US mailing address. You can get your mail and parcels sent to you wherever you are abroad, whenever you want them, and you can decide what to forward abroad and what to discard.

UK Postbox

This is a UK's post office scanning service with UK mailing address, your own UK street address or po box address, international mail forwarding from the UK, parcel forwarding, EU parcel distribution and fulfilment and UK shopping service abroad.

Clearview Relocation

As an international relocation specialist, Clearview Relocation is a one stop shop for the full range of business relocation services abroad. They can support every aspect of your relocation abroad from start to finish.

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