Sterling Departure Service


Founded in 1991, Sterling is one of Europe's largest international relocation providers. From domestic relocation in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the US and intra-Asia to full international relocation throughout the globe.

Sterling’s departure services programme assists employees with all the administrative processes involved in closing down their home in Tokelau. This service can include terminating the lease, recovering the security deposit and de-registering with service providers in Tokelau.

Their departure services include, but are not limited to:

  • Office support – a departure services timeline is produced and Sterling's network of coordinators are on call to offer support throughout the process
  • Needs analysis – the family’s requirements are established and discussed to manage expectations
  • Termination of Lease – advice on obligations is offered, and Sterling acts as a negotiator between the tenant and the landlord. The process for closing down utilities is also explored
  • Check out Inspection – arrange check out and report and professional cleaning. Comparison of check in and checkout reports to maximise return of deposit
  • Negotiation of dilapidations & deposit return – negotiate the best possible solution to any damage claim made by the landlord, and arrange return of deposit

Culture shock

Sterling has found that the culture shock when moving home can seriously affect the morale, and in turn their work, of employees. As part of a complete relocation service, they also offer a repatriation programme that manages expectations and helps them adjust in Tokelau.

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