Easyvoyage is a travel infomediary (information+intermediary) portal offering information and services dedicated to travel.

The purpose of Easyvoyage is to compare, objectively, the products offered by the market's major vendors. You can conduct an optimal search - targeted according to their needs using advanced technology with real time availability.

They provide the best promotions from the biggest hotel operators, search engines to compare 85% of the market's offers, travel news updates, practical everyday information, and hotel ratings by their own journalists and readers.

Easyvoyage is the 1st travel comparison site in Europe with 51 Flight partners, 32 Hotel partners, 24 Car partners and 60 Package partners.

List of flight partners:

Easyvoyage.com: 1st European travel comparison site with 51 Flight partners

To find your dream destination, compare thousands of deals in real time with Easyvoyage. Indicate your destination, your budget and in just few clicks access to the best prices of our tour operators.

The search-engine excels in the way that it displays results pages and in the diversity of the offers found, making it a high-performance tool.

Flights: Some advice to book

Book early to find the cheapest flights.Unlike holiday packages, where you can often find great last minute deals, the cheapest flights tend to be those booked in advance. Many low cost airlines bump up their prices as the flight gets nearer, especially on key European routes.

Set a budget and be opportunistic when it comes to your choice of destination. Attractive last-minute deals can occasionally be found, but are not to be relied on. For example, if a flight is less than 60% full a week before departure, airlines might launch last-minute sales on the remaining seats. This practice is common on major routes in the Mediterranean. However, unlike booking in advance, there's no guarantee that there'll be seats available, meaning you risk missing out on a holiday altogether!

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On 19 May 2008, Easyvoyage signed a 15-point code of ethics guaranteeing transparency of information for the consumer. The code, which was signed by all the major holiday comparison sites, was supported by FEVAD (France's federation of e-commerce and long distance sales), and by the French government.