Hostels - United States

Hostels are usually the cheapest accommodation option and can offer a lively social environment and a chance to meet other travellers in the United States. Note that some hostels feature an active bar  scene while others promote a unique location or accommodation. Not just cheap locations, hostels can also be found in the castles of the UK, caves in Turkey, Jumbo Jet in Sweden, underground in Australia, and underwater in the USA.

It is important to consider:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Amount of beds per room
  • Amenities (internet, laundry room, bathrooms)
  • Reviews (party hostel? quiet?)

Easy online booking and reviews can make finding a discount bed the best stay in the United States.

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They offer a selection of youth, independent and backpacker hostels in the United States - including all sorts of unique & unusual properties such as a hostel on a Jumbo jet, in a tree house, on a houseboat, even a bed in an old jail!