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Pensioners - Fotolia How Emigration Affects UK Pension Rights

Emigration numbers from the UK continue to rise, lending support to the notion that many see life abroad as a feasible and attractive alternative to staying in the UK.  For those weighing up the decision to move abroad there are many factors that must be considered.

Currencies - Fotolia How to Get the Best Exchange Rates

Are you an expat, or planning to expatriate? Do you perhaps own a foreign property? If you want to pay for your foreign mortgage with funds from back home, for instance, how do you transfer them in the safest manner, and with the best exchange rate? What we’d like to do in this article is spell out some tips for you, so that you find yourself in the best possible position when you come to transfer money abroad.

Expat Package Compensation

You may be tempted to move abroad by a job offer, but how can you tell if it's a good deal? Different methods of compensation are available to try to compensate the cost of leaving your home. Companies come in all shapes and sizes, cost of living varies widely around the globe, and the spending habits of expatriates can be vastly different. It is up to most expats to understand the different packages offered and find what it's worth to them.

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