International Schools in Guinea-Bissau

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You will find below information on schools in Guinea-Bissau. However, there is no such international school in Guinea-Bissau and therefore we list some Universities for students.

Education in Guinea-Bissau

The educational system in Guinea-Bissau currently has 2 main levels—primary and secondary.

Primary education represents 6 years (ages 7 through 12) of free, compulsory, basic schooling divided into elementary (4 years) and complementary tiers (2 years).

Secondary education consists of two types: a 3-year general-secondary stream (grades 7 through 9) and 2-year postsecondary education (grades 10 through 12); and 3-year vocational programs.

Vocational training is available for students who have completed Grade 6 and wish to take courses in vocational-technical training such as mechanics, construction, and agribusiness.

Since the agrarian economy is predominant, there is a focus on vocational technical education to improve the country's economic status and offset the effects of widespread poverty. There is one agricultural college - the residential School of the Comrades Institute in Boe - that offers a three-year course following graduation from Grade 6.

International schools in Guinea-Bissau

There is no such international school in Guinea-Bissau.

Those students who wish to further their studies after attending one of the countries public school can attend the different universities located in the country: