International Schools in Japan

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You will find below a list of the most popular international and bilingual schools for expats in Japan with fee information. The list includes nursery schools, primary and secondary (high) schools for you to find the right school to prepare for the International Baccalaureate and other accreditation in Japan. Some schools may follow the American, British, or Canadian curriculums with English speaking programs while others are regulated under the French or German education system (also Indian and Korean).

Education in Japan

Education is highly valued in Japan and is compulsory (gimukyoiku) at the elementary and lower secondary levels. This is generally devided into a 6-3-3-4 system (6 years of elementary school, 3 years of junior high school, 3 years of senior high school and 4 years of University). The Ministry of Education oversees curriculum, textbooks, and courses. The school year in Japan generally runs from April to March with a two or three week break between school terms, with a longer break in the summer.

International Schools

International schools can be the perfect solution for an expat student (multinational corporation executives, children of diplomats, NGO staff) in Japan. International schools provide similar standards of schooling around the globe, providing for an easy transition between schools whether they are in France or Vietnam.

There is usually local population, as well as an international student body. Schools may follow a curriculum model from the US, UK, France, etc. Primary instruction may be in any language (and multiple languages are usually taught), but it is usually in English. Schools also provide internationally accepted accreditation such as the international baccalaureate.

Admission and enrollment procedures vary from school to school. Space is often limited and preference may be given to students based on nationality. Tuition tends to be expensive based on local standards, but offers high standards of learning, boast smaller class sizes, first-rate facilities, and extracurricular. Boarding facilities are available at some schools, but most only provide day classes.

Accreditation & Membership

  • Tokyo Association of International Preschools (TAIP): TAIP supports international preschools and kindergartens in the greater Tokyo area with networking, staff development, parent education, and publicity for the ultimate benefit of the international early childhood education in Japan.
  • Council of International Schools (CoIS) is a non-profit association of international schools and post-secondary institutions which provides educational accreditation, teacher and leadership recruitment services, links to higher education, governance assistance and help with founding new schools.
  • East Asian Regional Council Of Schools (EARCOS) is an organization of elementary and secondary schools in East Asia promoting instruction development.
  • European Council of International Schools (ECIS) is a collaborative network promoting the ideals and best practice of international education.
  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) is among the premier accrediting associations in the world.
  • Japan Council of International Schools (JCIS) is a memembership of international schools operating in Japan.
  • Tokyo Association of International Preschools (TAIP) has the mission to support international preschools in the Tokyo area.
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is one of six regional accrediting associations in the United States. Students and parents can be assured that schools accredited by WASC have been reviewed and the educational programs that are offered have been evaluated for quality.
  • Council of British International Schools (COBIS) is a responsive organisation that serves, supports and represents its member schools.

International Schools in Aichi

Aichi International School (AIS)
Address: 3-4 Nijigaoka
Meito-ku Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 465-0078, Japan
Tel: 81 52-788-2255
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

An international kindergarten with all of the kindergarten lessons conducted in English. Japanese teachers having completed their training overseas.

Nagoya International School (NIS)
Address: 2686 Minamihara
Nakashidami, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 463-0002
Tel: 81 52-736-2025
Tuition Rates: 1,465,000 - 1,650,000 yen per year

An IB World School and fully accredited by WASC. It provides an English-language, college-preparatory curriculum.

Beanstalk International School
Address: 2-1903 Motoueda
Tenpaku, Nagoya 468-0009
Tel: 052 808 9930
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

Beanstalk International School has a Preschool Program conducted entirely in English for students from the ages of two to six years old. It is the only international preschool in Nagoya that offers the innovative Zoo-Phonics language arts program.

International School in Hiroshima

Hiroshima International School (HIS)
Address: 3-49-1 Kurakake
Asakita- ku, Hiroshima 739-1743, Japan
Tel: 082 843 4111 (from outside Japan: +81 82 843 4111)
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

International, fully accredited day school for students aged 3-18 with curriculum based on International Baccalaureate Primary and Middle Years Programs. The school is accredited by CoIS, NEASC, and JCIS.

International School in Fukuoka

Fukuoka International School (FIS)
Address: 3-18-50 Momochi
Sawara-ku, Fukuoka 814-0006 Japan
Tel: 81-(0)92-841-7601
Tuition Rates: 1,233,000 - 1,455,000 yen per year

Kindergarten through 12th grade education in English with the IB program. FIS is accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education as a School Juridical Body, "Gakko Hojin" as well as WASC.

International Schools in Kobe

Ascot School Japan
Address: 1 Chome-11-2 Kanokodai Minamimachi, Kita Ward,
Kobe, Hyogo 651-1514 Japan
Tel: +81 078-951-1900
Tuition Rates: 910,000 annually in Daycare age 3 to 1,550,000 annually for year 12 and 13 in High school [2022]

A certified Cambridge school in the center of Japan. They are surrounded by nature with a large 2 acre forest. They try many things such as Hydroponics, Aquaponics, forging, and nature school. They have a challenge course and many student created structures to explore.

Canadian Academy (CA)
Address: 4-1 Koyo-cho Naka
Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658-0032 Japan
Tel: 81 78 8570100 (international) / or 0788570100 (Japan)
Tuition Rates: 1,290,000 - 2,114,000 yen per year

An independent pre-K–12 international school with English curriculum. The school is accredited by WASC, CoIS, and is certified to award both International Baccalaureate and US high school diplomas. CA has implemented the IBO Primary Years Program (PYP) and Middle Years Program (MYP).

Marist Brothers International School (MBIS)
Address: 1-2-1 Chimori-cho
Suma-ku, Kobe, Japan 654-0072
Tel: 81 78 732 6266
Tuition Rates: 1,143,000 - 1,406,000 yen per year

Is an international Montessori pre-school to Grade 12 school divided into three parts: Ch1-Ch2 Montessori, 1st-6th Grade Elementary, 7th-12th Grade Upper School. The school is accredited by WASC. Marist uses the American Curriculum, with most juniors and seniors partaking in the SATs. Marist hosts the annual Model United Nations (MUN), welcoming international schools from both within Japan and overseas. Uniforms are required.

German International School in Kobe

Deutsche Schule Kobe
Address: Rokko Island 3-2-8
Koyochonaka Higashinada-ku Kobe City 658-0032
Tel: 078-857-9777
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

An IB World School, Deutsche Schule Kobe/European School is taught in two sections:
The German section with German being the language of instruction and English or Japanese as the second language OR
The European Section with English as the language of instruction and German being the second language.
In both sections Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Pre-School and Primary School from grade 1 to 6 (6 to 12 years) are available.

St. Michael's International School
Address: 17-2 Nakayamate-Dori
3-Chome Chuo-Ku Kobe Japan
Tel: 078 231 8885
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

The curriculum in St Michael's International School is based on the National Curriculum of England and taught through the theme based, cross curricular International Primary Curriculum. The school is accredited by COBIS, CoIS, WASC, ISA and JCIS.

International School in Kyoto

Doshisha International School, Kyoto (DISK)
Address: 7-31-1 Kizugawadai, Kizugawa City,
Kyoto 619-0225
Tel: +81-(0) 774-71-0810
Tuition Rates: ¥1,550,000- ¥1,850,000 yen per year

DISK is a WASC-accredited, grade 1 to 12 IB World School offering both the PYP and the DP. Located to the south of Kyoto, they offer a warm, caring and close-knit learning community, led by a dedicated teaching team.

Kyoto International School
Tel: 075-451-1022
Tuition Rates: 825,000 - 1,493,000 yen per year

KIS is a recognized IB World School utilizing an international curriculum. It is accredited by WASC and is a member of JCIS & EARCOS.

French International School in Kyoto

Ecole Française du Kansai (EFK)
Address: 536 -1 Waraya - cho Marutamachi-dori
Kamigyo-Ku 602-8144 Kyoto, Japon
Tel: (81) 75 812 70 15
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

The French School of Kansai is recognized by the French Ministry of National Education and provides education in accordance with the official program of France. Serves students from 3 to 18 years, from pre-kindergarten (maternelle) to terminale.

International School in Nara

Kansai Christian School (KCS)
Address: 282-2 Oaza Misato
Heguri-cho Ikoma-gun Nara-ken 636-0904
Tel: 0745-45-6422; (from USA) 011-81-745-45-6422
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

The school provides an education in the English language that is committed to an evangelical education. Based on an American curriculum, KCS prepares students for college and Christian service. All students study math, science, English, social studies, the Bible, Japanese and P.E. KCS utilizes the American school calendar (September-June).

International Schools in Okinawa

AmerAsian School in Okinawa (AASO)
Address: 1-15-22 Shimashi
Giowan Okinawa Japan 901-2213
Tel: 098-896-1966
Tuition Rates: 30,150 yen per month

An English language preschool and kindergarten with dual instruction in Japanese.

Okinawa Christian School International (OCSI)
Address: 1835 Zakimi
Yomitan, Okinawa 904-0301 Japan
Tel: 098-958-3000
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

OCSI is dedicated to serving the Lord through the vehicle of education. There is pre-kindergarten through 12th grade classes with an educational curriculum in the English language for the international community of Okinawa.

International Schools in Osaka

Osaka International School (OIS)
Address: 4-4-16 Onohara Nishi
Mino-shi, Osaka 562-0032 Japan
Tel: 072-727-5050
Tuition Rates: 1,661,000 - 2,018,000 yen per year

A coeducational international school that educates students from kindergarten (age 4-5) through grade 12. and is authorized to offer all three International Baccalaureate (IB) programs - Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP). OIS is accredited by the WASC, JCIS , CoIS and EARCOS.

International School in Sapporo

Hokkaido International School (HIS)
Address: 1-55, 5 jo 19 chome
Hiragishi, Toyohira-Ku, Sapporo, Japan 062-0935
Tel: (81) 11-816-5000
Tuition Rates: 628,000 - 1,056,000 yen per year

A private, coeducational day/boarding school that offers a Western-style education from pre-school through high school for students of all nationalities. English is the language of instruction. It is the only accredited international school on the island of Hokkaido. HIS is a member of JCIS and the EARCOS and is an International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and an International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) school.

International Schools in Shiogama

Tohoku International School (TIS)
Address: Izumi-ku Yakata 7-101-1
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture 981-3214 Japan
Tel: 022-348-2468
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

TIS is a coeducational international school from kindergarten (ages 4–5) to grade 12. It is accredited by WASC and a member of EARCOS and JCIS.

International Schools in Tokyo

For international schools in Tokyo, go to our full article on International Schools in Tokyo.

International Schools in Tsukuba

Tsukuba International School
Address: Kamigo 7846-1
Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
Tel: 300-2645
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

A private, English education, non-profit school which includes a pre-school, elementary school, middle school, and high school. Ii is a member of the JCIS and is recognized as an incorporated school by the Ibaraki Prefecture government. It offers the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB). All classes are taught in English.

International School in Yamato

Central Forest International School
Address: 2-5-18 Chuorinkan
Yamato city, Kanagawa, Japan 242-0007
Tel: 046-259-6440
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

English language pre-kindergarten & pre-school. Japanese lessons (Reading and Writing) twice a week.

International Schools in Yokohama

Yokohama International School (YIS)
Address: 258 Yamatecho Naka Ward
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0862, Japan
Tel: 81 45-622-0084
Tuition Rates: 1,300,000 - 2,448,000 yen per year

At YIS, the academic program follows the three International Baccalaureate programs; Primary Years Program in the ELC and elementary school, Middle Years Program in grades 6-10 and the IB Diploma Program in grades 11 and 12.

Horizon Japan International School
Address: 1-38-27 Higashiterao, Tsurumi Ward
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 230-0077, Japan
Tel: 81-45-584-1945
Tuition Rates: 1,200,000 - 1,650,000 yen per year

The pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade school provides a blended curriculum of the Cambridge Curricula and adapted UK frameworks and the Japanese Curriculum. The school is recognized by anagawa and Miyagi Prefectural Governments as well as ECIS and CoIS. In addition, Horizon is authorized as an IB World School Implementing the Diploma Programme. Uniform is required.

Saint Maur International School
Address: 83 Yamate-Cho, Naka-Ku
Yokohama 231-8654, Japan
Tel: 81-45-641-5751
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

This is the oldest international school in Japan. It is co-educational and caters to ages 2.5 through High School. It is located in a historically international district in Yokohama, Japan, one of the few places where foreigners were allowed entrance into the country during the closed-country policy of the late Edo period.

German International School in Yokohama

German School Tokyo Yokohama (DSTY)
Address: 2-4-1 Chigasaki-Minami
Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama 224-0037 Japan
Tel: 81-45-941-4841, -4842
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama is the only German School in Japan offering classes up to German high school graduation (grades K to 12, German "Abitur"). The curriculum is based on the German education system (Bundesland Thüringen) and is accredited by the German Government. The language of instruction is German, with English, Japanese, French and Latin taught as foreign languages. A special class is offered for Swiss nationals from grade 1, introducing them to Swiss geography, history and special French lessons.

Indian International School in Yokohama

India International School In Japan (IISJ)
Tokyo Address: 1-20-20 Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 136-0072
Tel: (03)-5875-5435 or 080-3505-2247
Yokohama Address: 3-23, Kirigaoka, Midori-ku, Yokohama
Tel: (03)-5875-5435 or 080-3505-2247
Tuition Rates: 600,000 yen per year

The oldest Indian school in Japan, it offers K-12 education to Indian as well as non Indian students. A three-year Montessori education is available in the first years, with secondary students being prepared for the CBSE Board. Uniforms are required.