International Schools in Tanzania

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You will find below a list of the most popular international and bilingual schools for expats in Tanzania with fee information. The list includes nursery schools, primary and secondary (high) schools for you to find the right school to prepare for the International Baccalaureate and other accreditation in Tanzania. Some schools may follow the American or British curriculums with English speaking programs while others are regulated under the French and German language and system.

Education in Tanzania

The Tanzanian educational system operates on the 7-4-2-3 system:

  • 7 years of primary school. Tanzanian primary school, taught in their native language of Kiswahili, is supposed to be free, but the costs of the required school uniforms, school supplies and small school overhead are far beyond many of their means.
  • 4 years of secondary school (Ordinary Level) leading to 2 years of Advanced Level. Secondary school is divided into ordinary, Form 1 -4, and advanced, Form 5-6 and is taught in ENGLISH! Students who do not learn English well in primary school do not succeed in secondary school.

After the 13th year of secondary school students may take the Advanced Certificate exam and attend college for 3 to 4 years.

While the national language in Tanzania is Swahili, English is taught, along with Swahili, Math and Science, in Primary Schools. Secondary School students are only taught in English.

The long distance to school for many students (most are much further away than the recommended 3 to 5 kilometers), responsibilities at home, poor health and funding, prevent many children from attending primary school.  

International Schools

International schools can be the perfect solution for an expat student (multinational corporation executives, children of diplomats, NGO staff) in Tanzania. Many schools provide similar standards of schooling around the globe, providing for an easy transition between schools whether they are in France or Vietnam.

There may be some local population, but the schools are usually geared for an international student body. Schools may follow a curriculum model from the US, UK, France, etc. Primary instruction may be any language (and multiple languages are usually taught), but it is usually in English, French, Spanish, German, or Japanese. Schools also provide internationally accepted accreditation such as the international baccalaureate.

Admission and enrolment procedures vary from school to school. Space is often limited and preference may be given to students based on nationality. Tuition tends to be expensive based on local standards, but offers high standards of learning, boast smaller class sizes, first-rate facilities, and extracurricular. Boarding facilities are available at some schools, but most only provide day classes.

Accreditation & Membership

  • The CoIS (Council of International Schools) is a non-profit association of international schools and post-secondary institutions which provides educational accreditation, teacher and leadership recruitment services, links to higher education, governance assistance and help with founding new schools.
  • European Council of International Schools (ECIS) is a collaborative network promoting the ideals and best practice of international education, complemented by grants and awards.
  • Council of British International Schools (COBIS) is a responsive organisation that serves, supports and represents its member schools.
  • New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC) is a regional accrediting association which establishes standards for all levels of education, from pre-K to doctoral.
  • Agency for French Education Abroad (Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger, AEFE) is a national public agency under the administration of the French government that assures the quality of schools teaching the French national curriculum outside France.
  • National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) represents over 1100 independent schools and associations in the United States and abroad.

International schools in Dodoma

Canon Andrea Mwaka School International School
Address: Shule Avenue
P.O Box 228
Uzunguni, Dodoma, Tanzania
Tel: +255 262 323 220
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

CAMS is based within the heart of the Tanzanian capital. The school follows the British National Curriculum from Key Stages 1-4 and is a registered iGCSE Ed-excel center. The Early Years Center foundation curriculum is for children aged 3-5 years. Early year’s center is divided into two parts which are –Nursery school (3-4 yrs old children) and reception or pre-primary school (4-5 yrs old children).
CAMS primary and secondary school use British curriculum to prepare students to sit for the IGCSE international examinations under Pearson Edexcel as awarding board.

International schools in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam International Academy
Address: Manara Road, Ada Estate
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
P.O. Box 23282
Tel: +255 758 828 300
Email: and
Tuition Rates: $14,262 to $18,795 [school year 2021/22]

Dar es Salaam International Academy - DIA offers three of the International Baccalaureate Programmes and is an IB World Continuum School. The school is also a Council of International Schools (CIS) Member, and a full member of the Association of International Schools in Africa.
The programmes they offer includes:

  • Primary Years Programme (PYP) from Kindergarten - Grade 5
  • Middle Years Programme (MYP) from Grade 6 - Grade 10
  • IB Diploma (IBDP) from Grades 11 – 12

Aga Khan Mzizima International School
Address: Fire Road, Upanga,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
P.O. Box 21563
Tel: +255 222 151 253
Email: Web form
Tuition Rates: $ 4,664 to $ 10,726 [school year 2021/22]

The Aga Khan Education Services in Tanzania operates three schools, from nursery to secondary levels. Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School was the first private secondary school to be established in Tanzania after the Arusha Declaration in 1967.

The school offers two curricula, Tanzania national curriculum (NECTA) and International curriculum (Middle School Programme, IGCSE and IBDP).
NECTA curriculum runs from Form 1 to 6, however, the International curriculum covers Middle School Programme; this is offered from year 7 to 9 leading to International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) which is year 10 to 11.
International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) is a two year pre-university course offered in year 12 and 13. Our International curriculum is based on IB philosophy of preparing well rounded learners in both academics and spiritual wisdom.

Al Muntazir International School
Address: Central Board of Education
P.O.Box 21735 Dar es Salaam – Tanzania
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

Al Muntazir offers a comprehensive education at all levels, from toddlers, nursery, primary, secondary and specials needs.
The school is offering the Cambridge International Curriculum (Cambridge) from Grade 1 to Grade 6 and Tanzanian National Curriculum (NECTA) Grade 7.

Genesis Schools International School
Address: Ali Bin Said Rd
P.O Box 105792
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 222 666 147
Tuition Rates: From 1,650,000 Tshs ($710) to 3,168,000 Tshs ($1,370) [school year 2021/22]

Genesis Schools is based on two campuses in Dar Es Salaam. One campus is situated in the prestigious location of Oyster Bay and the other in Kisota, Kigamboni. Genesis is a Cambridge international school offering Cambridge international Curriculum. In primary the Tanzania curriculum has been incorporated in History, Geography, Kiswahili and Civics. This creates a greater relevance in the learning of these subjects and enhances accessibility to resources and learning environments around us. It also educates the Tanzanian child about their nationality.​ English language is used as medium of instruction and communication from Pre-school. 

Haven of Peace Academy International School
Address: Haven of Peace Academy
P.O. BOX 70027, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 786 845 135
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school        

Haven of Peace Academy International School - HOPAC utilizes the Cambridge curriculum. Students are taught to live out a biblical worldview and to impact their community for Christ from Kindergarden to Grade 12. HOPAC is dually accredited by the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). In addition, HOPAC is a full member of the Association of International Schools Africa (AISA) and benefits from the network of East Africa International Schools and the training offered through AISA.

International School of Tanganyika
Address: United Nations Road 2651
PO Box 2651, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 684 228 883
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

Founded in 1963, International School of Tanganyika is an independent, private, not-profit day school offering the International Baccalaureate - IB curriculum on two campuses in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. IST offers rigorous academic programmes coupled with a wide range of extra-curricular activities serving students from age 3 to Grade 12.

French Schools in Dar es Salam

Arthur Rimbaud - L'école française de Dar es Salaam
Address: Mawenzi road, Masaki
Dar es Salam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 744 399 343
Email: and
Tuition Rates: From 9,830€ ($11,160) to 17,420€ ($19,775) [school year 2021/22]

More than 350 students from 40 nationalities are registered at the French School of Dar es Salaam. The students aged between 2 and 11 learn both English and French. At the age of 12, they start also to learn Spanish. For all these reasons, Arthur Rimbaud’s school is probably one of the most multicultural schools in Tanzania. Furthermore, the French School of Dar es Salaam is officially acknowledged by the Agency for French Teaching Abroad AEFE. It is hence member of the largest education network worldwide.

International schools in Arusha

Braeburn International School
Address: Braeburn Arusha International School
Kisongo, 14km west of Arusha (Arumeru District)
PO Box 14268 Arusha, Tanzania
Tel: +255 759 123 124 (primary) / 765 123 145 (secondary) / 759 123 128 (early years)
Tuition Rates: From $9,880 to $15,089 [school year 2021/22]

The Braeburn Group of International Schools has 9 campuses with 16 schools across Kenya and Tanzania.
Braeburn schools are co-educational, offering British and International curricula to a multi-national student body, with school leavers gaining places at universities worldwide.
The school is a member of the Council of British International Schools which serves the needs of International Schools offering a broadly British-based curriculum and educational experience. Membership is only granted to schools that meet predetermined standards.

Laureate International School
Address: Nelson Mandela Road,
P.O box 350, Usa River, Arusha
Tel: +255 773 288 888
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

The school curriculum provides learning objectives at each stage for all students, balanced with attention to individual needs. The students follow the British curriculum, as well as the Tanzanian National Curriculum, for a closer and local approach.

St. Constantine's International School
Address: Dodoma Road, PO Box 221
Arusha, Tanzania
Tuition Rates: From $ 4,984 to $ 11,030 [school year 2020-21]

St. Constantine's International School is a happy, unique, high-achieving international British Cambridge curriculum experience - with a Tanzanian heart. The students are from Nursery to A-level (Yr 13).

Kennedy House International School
Address: Nelson Mandela Road,
P.O box 350, Usa River, Arusha
Tel: +255 689 119 788 / 784 222 820
Tuition Rates: From $3500 to $12,600 [school year 2021-22]

Kennedy House International School is a private, international primary school founded in 2009. It is a leading international primary school for pupils aged 2-13. The school is accredited by the Cambridge International Curriculum and follows the British National Curriculum.

International schools in Moshi

Address: Lema Road, Moshi
P.O.Box 733, Tanzania
Tel: +255 756 446 777
Tuition Rates: From $12,350 to $18,600 [school year 2022/23]

UWC East Africa is a school on two campuses in Moshi and Arusha and it is fully accredited independent International Baccalaureate (IB) school in northern Tanzania. Established in 1969 as International School Moshi, the school was the first in Africa to become an International Baccalaureate school, and joined the UWC movement in 2019 as UWC East Africa. There are currently 18 UWC schools worldwide and the second in Africa.

International schools in Zanzibar

International School of Zanzibar
Address: P.O Box. 1787
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Tel: +255 777 477 053
Tuition Rates: From $6,873 to $14,370 [school year 2021/22]

The International School of Zanzibar (founded in 1988) is a private international school located on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. It hosts students from over 20 countries, ages 2–16, from Nursery to Year 12. The official language and language of instruction of this school is English. The academic program is based on the International Primary Years program, The International Middle Years program and the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education, the IGCSE.

International schools in Iringa

Iringa International School
Address: P.O. Box 912
Iringa, Tanzania
Tel: +255 657 864 409
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

Iringa International School is an accredited Cambridge International and International Baccalaureate World School that aims at developing learners who are confident, responsible, innovative and engaged.
It covers from pre-school to upper secondary programme. As well as two University of Cambridge International Examination academic programmes: the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) which is taken by students in Years 10 and 11 (Grades 9 & 10) and the Cambridge International AS/A Level which is taken by students in Years 12 and 13 (Grades 11 & 12).

International schools in Mwanza

Isamilo International School Mwanza
Address: Balewa Rd, Mwanza
Tanzania, PO Box: 42
Tel: +255 282 500 497
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

Isamilo International School Mwanza, founded in 1956, is an international school for students aged 3 to 18 in Mwanza, Tanzania.
The school teaches subjects in accordance with the British National Curriculum and it has added A-Levels and boarding to the school as an addition to the IGCSEs. Exams are provided by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) board.

International schools in Morogoro

Morogoro International School
Address: PO Box 1015, Morogoro, Tanzania
Tel: +255 715 794 864
Tuition Rates: From $3190 to $7850 [school year 2021/22]

Morogoro International School is a non-profit, parent-owned, day & boarding school established in 1976. The school offers the Cambridge international education program from Early Years to A-Level.

German Schools in Mwanga

One World Secondary School Kilimanjaro
Address: P.O. Box 229
Mwanga, Tanzania
Tel: +255 753 042 026 and +255 655 964 782
Email: and
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

One World Secondary School Kilimanjaro is a successful project of the German non-profit organization “Modellschulen fuer Africa” (Model schools for Africa)  in Kisangara/Tanzania. The school was founded in 2012 and was developed by German and Tanzanian experts.
The school is designed as a model school that implements innovative pedagogical concepts and methods, including e-learning. It is intended to open up educational opportunities at a very high level for pupils, including girls and children from families with very low income (numerous free places).
The school should lead to Tanzanian degrees (intermediate degree and university entrance qualification) as well as to the mixed-language International Baccalaureate (German and English). The model school is being further designed and developed on site in cooperation with educationalists and teachers from Tanzania.