International Schools in United Arab Emirates

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You will find below a list of the most popular international and bilingual schools for expats in United Arab Emirates with fee information. The list includes nursery schools, primary and secondary (high) schools for you to find the right school to prepare for the International Baccalaureate and other accreditation in United Arab Emirates. Some schools may follow the American or British curriculums with English speaking programs while others are regulated under the Pakistani, French, German, Canadian, etc language and system.

Education in United Arab Emirates

In the UAE, both primary and secondary education is free and compulsory in public schools for boys and girls. The main medium of instruction is Arabic, and there is equal emphasis given on the English language. Usually, in the pre-secondary standard, there is no segregation of boys and girls. However, this practice is prevalent in the post-secondary standard.

The Ministry of Education has adopted "Education 2021", a series of three-years plan designed to introduce advanced education techniques, improve innovative skills, and focus more on the self-learning abilities of students. The UAE education system is divided into four tiers:

  1. Kindergarten: KG 1 and KG 2 – From 4 to 5 years old
  2. Primary School: Grade 1–6 - From 6 to 11 years old
  3. Preparatory Stage: Grade 7–9 – From 12 to 14 years old
  4. Secondary School: Grade 10–12 – From 15 to 17 years old

Higher education in the UAE can be classified into Public and Private. Many Emiratis receive higher education in public institutions free of charge. The UAE offers a broad range of higher education programs for students such as an Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Doctoral degree, and Vocational courses.

The Emirates are exceptionally well endowed with tertiary education institutions. Some of the leading state-sponsored educational institutions include the United Arab Emirates (UAE) University, Zayed University, and Higher Colleges of Technology. Additionally, there are a number of excellent vocational and technical centres as well.

Furthermore, many colleges in the UAE are branches of international universities. Besides, many UAE colleges have their subsidiaries headquartered internationally too, as a global partnership is something which is very common.

International Schools

International schools can be the perfect solution for an expat student (multinational corporation executives, children of diplomats, NGO staff) in United Arab Emirates. Many schools provide similar standards of schooling around the globe, providing for an easy transition between schools whether they are in France or Vietnam.

There may be some local population, but the schools are usually geared for an international student body. Schools may follow a curriculum model from the US, UK, France, etc. Primary instruction may be any language (and multiple languages are usually taught), but it is usually in English, French, Spanish, German, or Japanese. Schools also provide internationally accepted accreditation such as the international baccalaureate.

Admission and enrolment procedures vary from school to school. Space is often limited and preference may be given to students based on nationality. Tuition tends to be expensive based on local standards, but offers high standards of learning, boast smaller class sizes, first-rate facilities, and extracurricular. Boarding facilities are available at some schools, but most only provide day classes.

Accreditation & Membership

  • The CoIS (Council of International Schools) is a non-profit association of international schools and post-secondary institutions which provides educational accreditation, teacher and leadership recruitment services, links to higher education, governance assistance and help with founding new schools.
  • European Council of International Schools (ECIS) is a collaborative network promoting the ideals and best practice of international education, complemented by grants and awards.
  • Council of British International Schools (COBIS) is a responsive organisation that serves, supports and represents its member schools.
  • New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC) is a regional accrediting association which establishes standards for all levels of education, from pre-K to doctoral.
  • Agency for French Education Abroad (Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger, AEFE) is a national public agency under the administration of the French government that assures the quality of schools teaching the French national curriculum outside France.
  • National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) represents over 1100 independent schools and associations in the United States and abroad.

International schools in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi International Pvt School International School
Address: Al Karamah St,Al Rowda Area, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 2 205 7999
Tuition Rates: From 31,300 AED ($8,520) to 48,400 AED ($13,175) [school year 2022-23]

Band A rated K-12 private school in the heart of the educational industry. The school offers a US curriculum based on the Common Core Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as the UAE Ministry Curriculum for Arabic subjects. Curriculum standards are adapted to meet the students’ needs.
The curriculum is also enriched with courses in the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, French, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Physical & Health Education.

Al Basma British School
Address: Al Bahya 45994 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 2 562 3454
Tuition Rates: From 20,000 AED ($5,445) to 40,560 AED ($11,040) [school year 2022-23]

Al Basma follows the National Curriculum in England leading on to IGCSEs and A-levels. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, all children learn Arabic and UAE Social Studies. In addition, Muslim children study Islamic Studies.

Al Bateen Secondary School
Address: Khalifah Bin Shakahbout Street, Al Manaseer Area, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 2 813 2000
Tuition Rates: From 54,490 AED ($14,835) to 68,830 AED ($18,740) [school year 2022-23]

Al Bateen Academy is a private, British curriculum school in Abu Dhabi. Al Bateen educates students from years 7-13. It is affiliated with Al Mushrif Primary school, which operates from the same building. At first the school offered the British curriculum for years 7 - 9. Later a GCSE and IGCSE examinations were added along with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Until 2018, the school also offered students International AS Levels which was a one year programme.

Al Nahda International School
Address: P.O.Box 815, Abu Dhabi,UAE
Tel: +971 2 204 1600
Tuition Rates: From 14,120 AED ($3,844) to 27,930 AED ($7,605) [school year 2021-22]

A Nahda National Schools is a private English language school in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates which provides education in both the British and American curriculum. The school is divided into 3 campuses a boys' campus, a girls' campus and a kindergarten campus. The school was founded in 1983 by Emirati businessman and entrepreneur Saeed Al-Junaibi.

Al Shohub International School
Address: P.O. Box 31515, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 2 555 9995
Tuition Rates: From 25,500 AED ($185) to 49,980 AED ($360) [school year 2019-20]

Al Shohub School offers a British style education based upon the National Curriculum of England which is delivered in the medium of English from primary to secondary education.

American Community School, Abu Dhabi International School
Address: PO Box 42114, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 2 681 5115
Tuition Rates: From 47,200 AED ($340) to 85,500 AED ($615) [school year 2021-22]

The American Community School of Abu Dhabi, founded in 1972, is a K-12 school operating in the United Arab Emirates. Instruction is co-educational, in English and based on the American educational system. ACS offers the International Baccalaureate series and college preparatory diplomas. The school is accredited by Middle States Association (MSA) and is a non-profit school licensed by the UAE's Ministry of Education.
ACS is an IB World School, certified by the International Baccalaureate Organization. It is also an associate member of both the North East South Asian Association of Overseas Schools (NESA) as well as the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) and Eastern Mediterranean Activities Conference (EMAC).

Emirates National School
Address: Mohamed Bin Zayed City Z3, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 2 642 5993 / 2 499 3700
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

Emirates National Schools (ENS) focuses on curricula from the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education program for Arabic, Islamic and UAE Social Studies along with the American Common Core Standards in English, Math, and Science. This curriculum is delivered through the International Baccalaureate Organization framework for the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Years Programme (DP). Students earning 53 credits or more in grades 9-12 may earn an ENS American Diploma.
Emirates National Schools (ENS) also offers College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) courses for grades 11 and 12.It includes campuses in 5 cities along the United Emirates: Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain City, Mohammed Bin Zayed Campus, Ras Al Khaimah Campus and Sharjah.

Australian School of Abu Dhabi International School
Address: PO Box 36044, Corner of Streets 11 and 32, Shakbout City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: +971 2 586 6980
Tuition Rates: From 14,975 AED ($4,080) to 35,534 AED ($9,675) [school year 2020-21]

The Australian School of Abu Dhabi utilizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum at all levels.
Also, arabic language begins at the KG level and Islamic Studies begin in Year 1. The number of lessons per week varies slightly from KG classes to Secondary levels. Other modern languages, including French and advanced Arabic are offered as electives in the Secondary school, according to the Ministry of Education requirements.

Brighton College Abu Dhabi International School
Address: Bloom Gardens, Khalifa Park, Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 2 815 6504
Tuition Rates: From 48,900 AED ($13,315) to 77,720 AED ($21,160) [school year 2021-22]

Brighton College Abu Dhabi offers its pupils a vibrant, tolerant and challenging learning environment, and a distinctive British-style independent school ethos which reflects the values and dynamic culture of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. Brighton College Abu Dhabi educates over 1,800 children from 3-18 years old.
Brighton College International School can be also found in Al Ain and Dubai

Canadian International School Abu Dhabi
Address: P.O. Box: 3976, Khalifa City – A, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 2 556 4206
Tuition Rates: From 36,100 AED ($9,830) to 47,900 AED ($13,040) [school year 2021-22]

The Canadian International School is a K-12 private school with a 900 strong student population from over 70 countries and over 100 professional and support staff.
The school boasts an ultra-modern campus with state-of-the-art facilities including a bright three-story main building with walls of windows inspired by the philosophy of Reggio Emilia.
They are accredited by Alberta Education to teach the Alberta Program of Studies and thus, their high school students graduate with an Alberta High School Diploma.

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International schools in Ajman

Ajman Academy International School
Address: Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid St, Al Tallah 2, Ajman
Tel: +971 6 731 4444
Tuition Rates: From 24,000 AED ($6,535) to 66,350 AED ($18,065) [school year 2022-23]

Ajman Academy is a dynamic IB World School community accredited to offer the IB Primary Years Programme to primary students and Middle Years Programme to grades 6 to 8. They also offer IGCSE and AS/A levels for students from grade 9 to grade 12. As an IB World School, they provide language programmes in English and Arabic, celebrating and improving mother tongue in addition to developing English skills

Ajman Modern School
Address: P.O. Box: 1778, Al Jarf, Ajman
Tel: +971 6 743 1168
Tuition Rates: From 12,630 AED ($3,438) to 30,140 AED ($8,205) [school year 2021-22]

Ajman Modern School has served the community since 2005, teaching the New York State Curriculum to its impassioned and diverse student body. The effective teaching of a US Curriculum, based on New York States Standards, lies at the core of the student academic development program. The school continues to meet UAE requirements in relation to Arabic, Islamic Studies, UAE Social Studies and Moral Education, ensuring they are embedded within the determined teaching of the US Curriculum.

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International schools in Al Ain

Al Adhwa Private School
Address: Falaj Haza'a, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 3 767 7000
Tuition Rates: From 14,600 AED ($3,975) to 24,900 AED ($6,780) [school year 2021-22]

Al Ain American School follows the California Common Core State Standards (CCSS), as well as the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education (MoE) curriculum for the Arabic subjects.
Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Social Studies are taught in Arabic and are based on the MoE standards which cover the required skills for every grade level for every subject.

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International schools in Sharjah

Al Amana Private School
Address: Halwan Suburb, Al Ramla, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 6 567 6783
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

The school is accredited by the Cambridge University to conduct the IGCSE Examination in the months of May/June. In order to cover a broad and balanced curriculum as recommended by Cambridge University, the students are offered 6 compulsory IGCSE subjects from Grade-10. In Grade-10, the students are prepared for IGCSE examination in 2 subjects namely, ICT and English In Yr11/Gr11, they are prepared for the 4 remaining subjects namely, Mathematics and three subjects from Science/Commerce stream. In Science stream, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects are offered whereas in Commerce stream, Accounting, Business Studies and Economics subjects are offered.

Al Murooj English School International School
Address: Al Azra, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 6 527 3720
Tuition Rates: From 11,100 AED ($3,021) to 14,100 AED ($3,840) [school year 2020-21]

Welcome to the AMES – Al Murooj School , a modern and spacious British curriculum school that offers an outstanding early years and primary education to children from KG 1 to Grade 6. They follow the British Curriculum. This provides all of our students with a broad and balanced education that helps them find and develop their own unique talents. It also prepares them for further education in some of the most prestigious colleges and universities around the world.

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International schools in Dubai

Al Khaleej International School
Address: Al Warqa'a 4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 217 3900
Tuition Rates: From 22,320 AED ($6,080) to 42,715 AED ($11,630) [school year 2021-22]

GEMS Al Khaleej International School follow the US Curriculum, aligned to Ministry of Education’s prescribed program for the Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and Social Studies.
It welcomes students from Primary - Elementary School to High school level.
Al Mawakeb International Schools
Address: P. O. Box: 10799, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 285 1415
Tuition Rates: From 22,000 AED ($5,990) to 42,156 AED ($11,476) [school year 2021-22]

Al Mawakeb Schools is an international school system in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Serving grades Kindergarten through 12, it is managed by Academia Management Solutions International. Its high school program uses a U.S. curriculum. As of 2017 the school system has a total of 10,000 students.
It homes a total of three schools: Al Mawakeb Al Garhoud (, Al Mawakeb Al Barsha ( and Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej (

GEMS schools
Address: GEMS Education Bldg., Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 573 5000
Tuition Rates: Inquire at school

GEMS Education homes more than 40 schools in all United Arab Emirates. Find all locations HERE.
From humble beginnings and a single school, GEMS Education has grown to become the largest K-12 private education provider in the world, operating leading international independent schools in six regions globally.

The International School of Choueifat
Address: Hessa Street, Al Sufouh 2 area, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 399 9444
Tuition Rates: From 22,000 AED ($5,990) to 38,745 AED ($10,548) [school year 2021-22] for The International School of Choueifat Dubai

The International School of Choueifat is part of SABIS®. SABIS is a global education network that has an active presence in 20 countries on five continents. Schools in the SABIS® Network educate over 70,000 students and implement a proven, proprietary system. SABIS® Network schools provide students with a top-quality education that prepares them to meet the challenges of a changing world. The International School of Choueifat centres can be found in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah.

Ambassador School International School
Address: Al Khail, Plot No. 3653942, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 580 6999
Tuition Rates: From 45,850 AED ($330) to 73,600 AED ($550) [school year 2022-23]

Ambassador International Academy is a part of the diverse yet connected Ambassador Group of Schools, which share a unified commitment to Ambassador’s vision, mission and values. Ambassador International Academy LLC is an authorised IB PYP school and a candidate school for the MYP.

Apple International School
Address: Doha Road, Behind Emirates Driving Institute, Al Qusais-1, P.O.Box: 33963, Dubai, U.A.E
Tel: +971 4 263 8989
Tuition Rates: From 8,035 AED ($2,180) to 21,625 AED ($6,885) [school year 2022-23]

The school follows: EYFS in Foundation Stage, CPP in Years 1 to 6 and The National Curriculum For England in Years 7 and 8.The school’s curriculum is designed keeping in mind the multicultural mix of the student community and their individual learning needs. Based on the National curriculum pattern it aims to ensure that excellence is pursued, that lessons are challenging and have pace and direction to promote the skills essential for all round development of each child.

Arab Unity School International
Address: 5 3a Street, Al Mizhar 1, PO Box 10563, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 288 6226
Tuition Rates: From 8,500 AED ($2,315) to 11,992 AED ($3,265) [school year 2021-22]

Arab Unity School is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The school educates about 3000 students in Kindergarten to Grade 13, to the IGCSE curriculum, and for A levels. Arab Unity School provides a British-style education based upon the framework of the National Curriculum for England.

Capital School International Dubai
Address: P.O. Box 235498, Baghdad Street, Al Qusais, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 238 1888
Tuition Rates: From 38,000 AED ($10,345) to 58,000 AED ($15,790) [school year 2021-22]

Capital School follows the National Curriculum for England, with added UAE history and culture components. The school currently offers a British curriculum from Foundation Stage, Primary and Secondary upto Year 10 and will move to an all through school until Y13 in the near future.

Clarion International School
Address: Al Asayel Street and 13D Street, Al Quoz Dubai
Tel: +971 52 396 5335
Tuition Rates: From 43,000 AED ($11,710) to 57,375 AED ($15,620) [school year 2021-22]

Clarion is a leading K-12 American school that is redefining the meaning of educational excellence through a progressive and unique program. Aligned to meet the highest tier of US Standards, including the Common Core, Clarion school offers learning that is interdisciplinary, engaging and challenging and taught by highly qualified Master Educators. The program developed in collaboration with one of the foremost US Graduate Schools of Education and spearheaded by the co-author of the IB PYP framework, expands the expectations of what a high-quality education needs to provide.

Collegiate International School
Address: 50, Al Maydar Street, Formerly Street 34, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 427 1400
Tuition Rates: From 36,600 AED ($9,940) to 65,300 AED ($17,780) [school year 2022-23]

CIS with its proven history of success, is an American IB World School offering a student-focused, inquiry-based learning environment for grades Pre-KG to Grade 12. The school offers the full continuum of IB Programmes (PYP, MYP, IBDP, and IBCP).

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