5 Worst Mistakes Expats Should Avoid in Relocating to UAE

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The opportunity of settling down in the magnificent city of Dubai is certainly an exciting prospect for a lot of expats. With the highest migration rate in the world, a ‘hot’ job market, high incomes and a high standard of living; these all have become the defining elements of one of the UAE’s emerging economies. Glossy and alluring it may sound but relocating to a new nation can be a giant leap. Therefore, an expat should be cautious while putting forth each step.  

Here’s a guide that will voyage through common pitfalls to avoid while relocating to the flourishing city of Dubai for work and getting settled.

1. Inadequate Research

This can be the biggest mistake of your life while you are eyeing different nation for job and finally getting settled. As an expat, it is important for you to research well about the region as when it comes to culture and the standard of living; it comes to like “Dubai vs the Rest of the World”. Comparing to the other global nations, Arab federation share a different tradition, work culture and employment and visa laws. This becomes even more important if you are planning to immigrate along with your family and folks so as to avoid any last minute hassles.

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There are two options to stand clear on this ground:
•    You can make use of internet and make a thorough study about life and work culture in the UAE and Dubai, in specific.
•    Secondly, take out some buffer time before joining your new employer and make a move to Dubai. There you stay for a while spend time exploring the city with your folks so that you get an idea of what the Arabian has in store to offer you in terms of facilities, transports, entertainment, healthcare and much more.

2. Improper Choice of Job & Employer

As an expat, you will have so many dreams about your new job and life in Dubai but before making such a gigantic move it is important to understand the nature of job and sector that you have applied for. Different sectors are performing on varying scale level in different global nations and this is economy dependent entity.

Job satisfaction is the ultimate goal for any career goal for any professional; therefore, assure your mind about the projected job by researching well about the sector and industrial performance in Dubai.

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Here’s what you can do so as to not commit such blunders:
•    Access the official website of the company for complete details
•    Use your professional as well as social network to have an idea about the job role.

3. Not Understanding the Culture Properly

Arab countries regard their tradition as important and above their lives. Their cultural beliefs and inclination towards custom is so deep-rooted that any mistake or false gesture can easily offend them. You, as an expat, should give importance to cultural know-how as your plans are long-term and you will never want to see yourself amid any social issues. It is however, very delightful to know that people in Dubai are very friendly and welcoming as long as you are amicable and have respect for their tradition.

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Knowing about culture of a particular country can be tough when you have a plan to settle down over there forever. So, here’s what you can do on your part:
•    Research about the tradition and cultural history of Arab countries online
•    Revive your network that can possibly give you a better insight about deep-rooted traditional beliefs of UAE
•    Visit sites like World Culture Forum that has list of global cities and cultural insights and information on each one of them.

4. Poor Money & Investment Management

You will be lured by the tax-free and high-paying jobs in Dubai but money is something that needs to be rotated wisely so that it returns you big. In your own country, you know where to make the pitch and what are the best options for making the investments but in a different city you can make inferior choices and left behind dissatisfied. You have made up your mind to relocate to Dubai so investing in superior choices can be rendered difficult owing to lack of information and geographical issues associated with UAE.

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Make use of following sources for understanding Investments:
•    Search out and read through known and trusted global investment reports like Schroders Global Investment Trends Report, United Nations Trade & Development Reports
•    Walk-through the streets of Dubai and explore newspapers and magazines that pertains to stocks and business so that you have read-through sources anytime with you.
•    As for asset investment, due to high migration rate, real estate sector in Dubai is booming so making an investment in homes can be a good deal for you.

5. Not Understanding the Weather

Sounds quiet unimportant but can have adverse effect on the health of your family and kids. The global weather changes at the speed of a wind from North. The weather of UAE is humid and temperature can go up to 45 degree Celsius in summers so if there is an asthmatic in your family then humid weather can play havoc.

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Here’s how you can have weather watch:
•    Do a basic homework on weather and general climatic conditions in Dubai
•    While your stay in Dubai, be active on news channel, especially on weather forecasting so that you have solution in-hand.

Be a pro and do extensive research while you are about to put a stamp on the decision to relocate to Dubai. The city has numerous career-furthering options and avoiding these mistakes can help you in getting settled in here, effectively and successfully.

By Vineeta Tiwari, a professional writer and blogger who follows and writes about global economy and different employment markets. She has written a lot of informative write-ups on lifestyle and employment of UAE and middle east countries.  Follow her at Twitter @vinita1204