United Kingdom Visas for Spouses, Civil Partners, Fiancé(e)s, and Family Members


If your spouse, partner, parent, grandparent or other eligible family member is a citizen or permanent resident of the UK, EEA or Switzerland, you may be eligible to apply for an EEA Family Permit. You may submit your application for the EEA Family Permit to enter the UK along with your family member or you may apply to join a family member who is already in the UK.

The permit is issued for 5 years and allows unrestricted employment for it's duration. Dependent children can be included in the applications. Depending on your country of origin or residence, you may need to apply for the family permit online or submit a paper application form.

Family Members

If your eligible family member is your parent or grandparent, you must be under 21 years old and dependent on your parent or grandparent for support. Siblings and other relatives must be financially dependent on the UK citizen or resident sponsoring the visa application to be eligible to apply for a family permit. Students attending university in the UK may also apply for family permits for their spouses, partners or dependent children.

Spouses, Civil Partners, Fiancé

If your fiancé or civil partner has UK citizenship or legal resident status, you may apply for a visa to enter the UK with him or her, or to join your partner or fiancé(e) if he or she is already in the UK. Your dependent children may accompany you as well. You must apply for the visa before attempting to enter the UK.

To apply for fiancé(e) or civil partner visa status, you and your partner or fiancé(e) must:

  • Both be at least 18 years old
  • Declare that you intend to marry or form a civil partnership within a reasonable period of time
  • Demonstrate that you able to support yourselves financially
  • Demonstrate proficiency in English (or present evidence that you qualify for an exemption from the language requirement)

Residence Card

Once you have obtained a family permit, fiancé or civil partner visa, you may also wish to obtain a Residence Card that will allow you to travel outside the UK and return without re-applying for a visa. A residence card also makes it easier for you to obtain work in the UK. There is no fee to apply for a residence card and you may submit your application by mail.

Document Requirements for a Residence Card:

  • Form EEA2
  • Valid passport
  • Passport or national identity card of your UK, EEA or Swiss national sponsor
  • Evidence of your relationship to the UK, EEA or Swiss national (e.g. marriage license or birth certificate)
  • Two (2) recent passport photos