Earth Class Mail


Mail and Parcel Forwarding

This is a mail scanning service with US mailing address.

You can get your mail and parcels sent to you wherever you are in Barbados, whenever you want them, and you can decide what to forward to Barbados and what to discard.

Their service includes:

  • US street address for receiving your mail and parcels
  • See the front and back of every piece of mail you receive
  • Choose what, when, and where to ship your mail (choose from either from either USPS or FedEx)
  • Forward letters and parcels to the destinations of your choice
  • Ship only what you want, recycle the rest

With the Mail and Parcel Forwarding subscription, you get a single street address in Beaverton, Oregon. Your address will look like this:

Your Name
15500 SW Jay Street, #NNNNN
Beaverton, OR 97006-6018

Where the #NNNNN will be replaced by your unique account number.


Monthly plan fee: $19.95 (+$25 one-time setup fee)
Includes one address and the ability to view and manage your mail and parcels
Mail Pieces Received (incl. envelope images): 50 pieces/month

Service fees are based on what you do with your mail. While you can always recycle your mail at no charge, there are fees for shipping and for receiving mail that exceeds your subscription limits.

Many additional services are available at extra fee: additional items received, cheque deposit, additional scan, packaging, shipping (FedEx/UPS about $30 for an average shipment of 10 letters), extra storage...

All subscription terms are monthly - no long term service contracts.

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