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Family Migration to Australia

Australian citizens and permanent residents (as well as New Zealand citizens) may sponsor eligible family members for permanent resident visa status. The regulations involved are strict and waiting periods can extend for more than 10 years.

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Australia Entry Visa

Everyone who enters Australia must have a valid passport or other acceptable travel document. Citizens and residents of all countries (besides New Zealand) must apply for a visa prior to entering Australia. Once you have obtained a visa and have entered Australia, you may apply to extend your visa for up to an additional six months if necessary.

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Australia Permanent Resident Visas

Only Australian permanent residents are eligible for a Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status (CERS). A CERS is an official certificate confirms your status as an Australian permanent resident. It verifies your eligibility to live and work in Australia.

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Study Visa in Australia

For all Student Subclass visa applications, visas will be assigned according to one of five assessment level. Your level is dependent on your country of residence and your planned study program.

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