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5 Top International Education Systems For Expat Kids

Finding a good school in your area can be a challenge enough in your own country but when you're living abroad there are additional layers of cultural and bureaucratic complexity to strip away. Fortunately, some international schooling systems have exceptional teaching quality, meaning your children can thrive abroad, learning everything they could at home and more. Here are the 5 best education systems across the world.

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Same language, different ball-game

Before moving to Canada the only consideration I gave to language was with regard to accent. Here is a story about the language experience in a country that sounds similar at first.

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Finding a job after earning your TEFL Certificate abroad

So you’ve decided to venture abroad to earn your TEFL certificate and begin your adventure teaching and traveling abroad. In this article you will find help to get employment options upon receiving their TEFL Certificates.

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Guide to the Erasmus Programme

For over 25 years, the Erasmus Programme has grown and adjusted to the changing needs and demands of the students and EU. Today, the Programme has expanded to 4,000 higher learning institutions, 33 countries with over 2.2 million students participating.

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Understanding the European Credit Transfer System

The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) provides uniform credit across different educational institutions. ECTS grades make study abroad programmes easy to read and compare for all students, local and foreign, with respect for the marks of the host institution.

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