What to Expect from Short-term Housing

As you relocate from one location to another, there may be one inescapable truth: your housing options are for the short term. Instead of sleeping in a hostel or signing an extended lease, you may be looking for something that is temporary ranging from one to six months. Short-term housing may be a bit different depending on where you are relocating to, but most of them still have a universal way of doing things. What can you expect when you look at temporary housing?

Due Rents

Without a signed lease, many landlords may be more apt to demand timely payment of your rent. In a month-to-month case, any lapse could find that he or she is evicting you within a matter of days. If you're unsure about your length of stay, make sure that the landlord understands and you pay your dues timely. In many cases, the landlords may already specialize in short-term rentals and know what to expect from you.


Many short-term housing options provide basic furnishings. These could include a variety of additions such as computer systems, Internet and other services that normally would be responsible to the person renting the location. Just bear in mind that the furnishings that are in the locale belong to the landlord. If you damage anything beyond normal wear-and-tear, you could be responsible for the replacement or repair of the particular item.

Rules and Regulations

Don't assume you are able to do as you please in your short-term housing. Some landlords have a specific set of guidelines that need to be adhered to in order to stay. Many will have hefty deposits for things like smoking on the property or having animals with you. Always make sure you have all of the information before giving your money to the property owner. There may be rules that you may not agree with. This may also include any additional services you may need or want while staying on the property.

Price Range

Depending on your length of stay, the price range could seem a bit steep in some places. Many landlords feel that short-term stays are more costly per day to maintain than simply signing an extended lease. Because of this, the amount you pay per day could be close to double what it would be if you were a permanent resident. However, there are others that understand the need for temporary housing and may be able to accommodate you. Some may even base the rate you pay off of your paycheck if you are relocating for work.


Some housing complexes can transfer your accounts and services from one location to another. Many expat short-term housing companies understand what is needed from relocating from one country to another and could offer a great deal of service when it comes time for you to move on. Although many of these companies may seem a bit expensive considering the rate you can get with private property owners, there is far less hassle, drama and everything is explained to you in detail.

Living in short-term housing can be quite liberating as opposed to owning or renting a property outright. As they can come furnished, you have nothing to worry about except the clothes you brought with you when it comes time to relocate. Give yourself plenty of time to find the right property for your needs before actually moving in.

By Madoline Hatter a freelance writer and blog junkie from ChangeOfAddressForm.com.