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The procedures of buying and renting property in Malta

Investing in Maltese Property Both price and location are two very important things to consider before purchasing a property. Moreover, a property is not only bought to be lived in, but also as a long-term investment, since this involves a considerable amount of money and it is an immovable asset that is likely to be on the market for some time before reselling.

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Where to Live in Malta

Malta’s villages are generally very densely populated. All villages in Malta and Gozo can be accessed by public transportation, but transportation frequency varies village to village. Sliema, St. Julian’s, and Paceville are the most popular areas for expats to live in in Malta.

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Renting Property in Malta

Malta has a wide range of property options available to prospective renters - traditional townhouses, historic buildings, countryside villas, modern flats - there is something for every taste and budget.

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Buying Property in Malta

About one third of buyers in Malta are foreigners, most of these being EU citizens. The majority of EU buyers are British, but Malta also attracts a significant number of buyers from Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, and Sweden. In recent years, buyers from the United States and the Middle East are also becoming more numerous.

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