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National symbols of Malta

The National Flag of Malta consists of two equal, vertical stripes. The Maltese cross is a symbol of the Knights of St. John or Knights of Malta. The National Anthem of Malta is “L-Innu Malti”. Discover more in our article.

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Driving in Malta

There are many pros and cons to driving in Malta. While most destinations are accessible by bus, driving allows you the freedom to explore the islands on your own time and see rural areas not easily accessible by bus or by foot.

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Private Transports in Malta and Gozo

While it is easy and cheap to get around Malta by bus, there are many private land, sea, and air transportation options in Malta for every budget and need. All information about taxis, airport, hire/rental, ferries, boats

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Public Transports in Malta

Public transportation by bus is provided throughout Malta and Gozo by Arriva. More information in our article about fares, tickets, saver cards, night buses, airport service, park & Ride...etc.

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